Locker Decoration Info

Locker Decoration Information
1.  Class sizes change often.  Please email Mrs. A or Mr. N for an updated count for your child’s class.
2.  Volunteers have to be able to purchase the supplies on their own.
3.  A theme isn’t necessary but it can be helpful.  You can use the program title for example:  Final Blast, ISSMA Contest,  SwingFry, etc.  or you can take a song from the concert that is your child’s favorite and work with that.  Even music notes, treble clefs, and general symbols will work fine.
4.  You can buy an adhesive strip magnet to cut into pieces for the back of the locker decoration fairly inexpensively.  Students need something strong to get the decorations to hold to their locker.  Tape just doesn’t work.  (Check Hobby Lobby, Walmart, Kmart, etc.)
5.  Please don’t try to put each student’s name on the decoration.
6.  Our goal would be to get the decorations from you on Monday of the show week.  You can just drop them off in the front office.  We will pass them out in class.
7.  The kids get extremely excited when they see these decorations.  They proudly post them all over the school.  Unfortunately you probably won’t hear a “thank you” after all of your hard work!  😦  So to thank you ourselves we are giving you 2 free tickets to the concert.  Just have your child request them for the concert time you wish to attend.
8.  Thank you for doing this for our kids!  Mrs. A and Mr. N