Final Blast Wrap Up


Well, what a year we have had.  The kids said it best at the end of the show Saturday night,  “THANK YOU!”  Thanks to your donations every single child in our choir received a special t shirt to remember this year by.  Thanks to your dinner donations, we were able to feed almost 400 kids a wonderful dinner and insure a full tummy as they gave us their best for the final show of the season.  Each of our volunteers deserve a handwritten thank you note from Mr. Norwood and I but there are so many of you we wouldn’t know where to begin.  Chaperones, you deserve a medal and a crown.  Locker Decoration Mom’s, food and water volunteers, photographers, ushers, box office moms and dads, dinner and clean up crews, and those who helped with costumes and last minute emergencies – we just couldn’t have done all of this without you.  The car trips you make, the clothes you wash, the complaining you listen to (not that your child ever complains), and all of the daily things taken for granted by children won’t always go unnoticed.  You are investing in the most important thing in the world.  Your kids.  So for now, Mr. Norwood and I will thank you!  And thank you again!

A few last tidbits of interest:

  1.  DVD orders (100!) will be delivered this week to your child.  We ordered just a few extra in case you didn’t get a chance to place your order.  ($18) First come first served!
  2. Mrs. Norwood (our very amazing voice teacher) needs a few parents to send in their last payment for the year.  She is ready to close her books.  Thank you for taking care of any outstanding bills as soon as possible.
  3. Pictures are coming in from the final blast!  Check them out on our facebook page!  (Thank you Mrs. Green and Mr. Yaney)18620276_1186177131491125_6704512890047954848_n


We Need Help


Parents we need help. We currently have an extreme chaperone need for our final blast concerts. At the moment we only have a total of 8 chaperones to help our kids on Saturday, with 5 of those being for the 4PM show and only 3 for the 7PM show. We are scrambling to figure out a way to work with what we have with the current “best plan” being that the 8th Grade students sit out in the audience until it is their time to perform. We are not very keen on this plan and are desperately asking for several willing parents (especially 7th and 8th grade parents) to help us help our kids have the best performance possible.  Currently we would love to have/need to have 2 – 6th grade chaperones, 2 7th grade chaperones, and 3 – 8th grade chaperones for the 4PM show, and 3 – 6th, 3 – 7th, and 4 – 8th for the 7PM show. If you and/or family members are available to help us in this way please send me an email:, or Mrs. Armington:, or sign up directly on the signup genius website ( ).

Sincerely (pleadingly?),                                                                                                                                           Mr. Norwoodpleading



Few Reminders coming your way….



Hi Choir Parents!  This is just a quick note to remind you of a few things.  We will be sending home a “Show Week” information letter with all of the particulars for May 8-13th next week!

  • First reminder is a big one!  We need the $6 t shirt money TOMORROW (Friday, April 21) so that we can pay our bill!
  • Many of you have volunteered to send in money donations for the Concert Day Dinner.  We need that by next Friday please.  Subway meals have been ordered for all of our kids.  Thanks for helping each child have a meal on their big concert day!
  • Our phone moms will be giving our parent volunteers a reminder call this weekend with details they will need for their job.
  • Mr. Norwood and I know that chaperoning isn’t the easiest volunteer position but it is the one that assures the safety of our children.  This concert has the easiest chaperone duty because the entire last half of the show all of our kids are on stage and chaperones can sit in the audience and watch!  Right now we have minimal coverage during the concert.  Here are the areas of great concern.  If you can help fill a slot please sign up on on the choir website (signupgenius)  or send us an email!  *Chaperones also get to free tickets!
4 p.m. show:  We need 2 6th grade, 2 7th grade, and 3 8th grade chaperones.  Right now we have 5 people watching the 400 children. 😦
7 p.m. show:  We need 2 6th grade chaperones, 2 7th grade. and 4 8th grade chaperones.  Right now we have 4 people watching the 400 children.  😦
We also do not have any 8th grade photographers for either show.   And the 7th graders in period 1 have no parents making locker decorations for them.
Finally, we wanted to let you know that Concert tickets will go on sale Monday, May 8th in each choir class.  Tickets are $2.
That’s all for now!  Thanks much!  Mrs. Armington