Students in 7th or 8th grade may audition for the NMS Knight Light Show Choir this week.  Students have learned a short song in choir class and have begun learning their choreography.  Interested students will find helpful tools under the Knight Light Tab on this page!

  • A recording of their song.
  • A PDF of the music.
  • A video of the choreography.
  • A copy of the Parent Info and permission slip.

Auditions will be taking place on Thursday and Friday.

Please submit your solo recordings to Mr. Norwood by Thursday to be considered for this year!



Communicating with you will now be so much easier!!!


Thank you parents for taking time to find the choir website!! If you click the FOLLOW tab on the right side of this page all of our future posts and letters home will be delivered straight to your email address!! It is so much easier for us to communicate with you when you connect with us!  Also, don’t forget to take a quick look at our Facebook page (you will see the link on the bottom right). We post fun pictures etc. there!

Here’s to a fantastic year!!

Good news to pass on!

We received an update about Kaitlin Simons (NMS Choir Beast) and just had to pass the good news on!!  Here is a note from her mom that will let you all know what exciting things she has been up to this summer!!

Hi Everyone, Hope you are all enjoying the summer break and have found time to enjoy family and friends. We have been very busy lately and I thought I would send out a quick update on Kaitlin. She had an incredible week this past week at the Junior Olympic National Diving Qualifiers. SHE MADE NATIONALS for both 1 and 3 meter springboard. On the 3 meter board she placed 6th and missed 1st place by only 10 pts. (that is a very small margin in diving). The following day she competed on the 1 meter board and absolutely crushed the competition… SHE WON GOLD!!! I don’t really know all the details right now, but I do know that her 1st place finish moves her directly to the National finals (no prelims) and depending on those results she will be ranked in the top 18 in the country for her age group. The kids that go to finals at nationals are usually the group that USA diving uses to select their international team from. She doesn’t have the experience to be selected, but it is just exciting to see how much her hard work has payed off.

Nationals runs the last week of July to the first week of August.