Congratulations ISSMA Soloists and Ensemble!!!

Wow!! What a talented group of performers our students are! They really came prepared and ready to perform yesterday!   They brought home 20 Gold medals for vocal solos (including a Gold Rating in Division I by Meredith Dorbin). Our 7th Grade Ensemble received a perfect score for their performance on the Fairfield stage and brought 19 more gold medals home!  We couldn’t be more proud of the amazing job they all did! Here are a few pictures Mr. Norwood was able to snap throughout the day. Great job you fantastic choir beasts!!

(*Parents of ISSMA performers if you have any pictures that you want to send our way we would love to include them in the slideshow!)

-Mrs.A and Mr. N

Here are a few sneak peaks of performances on Saturday!

7th Grader Nicholas Gorden on piano!



The parent letter we sent home on Wednesday was due on Friday.  We requested a parent signature on this one because we need to make sure that every choir parent is aware of the mandatory dates for this semester.  We also need to fill the volunteer needs for this semester.  As of Friday, we only have 50% of these letters returned.  That is 200 students out of 400 hundred students.  That is not good, and makes the paperwork and planning a nightmare.

If you haven’t sent your signed copy in to us would you please (pretty pleeeze)  send it in on Monday?  That would be very helpful to us as we continue to plan great things for your great kids! Sincerely, Mrs. Armington