Final Reminders…

58F1EC10-A49A-474E-8FEB-46B5C9464C1EPlease remind our boys that they need to bring their black and whites to school Monday IF they are staying for the “LONG HAUL”.  (Black socks, shoes, pants and white shirt)

They must have their signed parent permission slip in on Monday if they aren’t riding the bus home.  (See previous post if you need a copy 😉)

If they are getting dropped off, please drive around to the pool parking lot in the back of NHS and let them out at door 15.  We will meet them in the auditorium at 5:25 p.m.

Showtime is 7:30 p.m.  Doors open about 7:10 p.m.  Free and open seating!

Thanks for your help parents!  This will be such a fun show!  Don’t miss it!



Top Beasts this week!

Top Beasts this week really had their work cut out for them because all six choirs were running strong all week. We couldn’t be prouder of our students. These Beasts were Llam- tasticlly Llamalicious!
6th grade: Ryan Gibson, Ava Schrock, Anna Mansfield
7th grade: Nicholas Miller, Jazzlyn Horton, Riley Fain.
8th grade: Caden Mack, James Bakleshev, Carlie Weaver, Riley Miller. Well done Beasts, way to lead the pack!!

Just The Guys Info

In case our Just The Guys Parent Letter didn’t quite make it home….here is a copy JUST FOR YOU!!!   Enjoy your weekend!

Just The Guy Concert – Last Reminders and Information October 6, 2017
When: Monday, October 16th, 2017 at 7:30 p.m.
Where: Northridge High School Auditorium
Cost: Free
Auditorium Doors will open at 7:10 or so
What should the boys wear? They need their black pants, black socks, and black shoes. (black gym shoes are fine). They need their long-sleeved, white dress shirt (with a collar). The boys will be given their green ties before the show.
What time do the guys need to be at Northridge High School?
We are giving the boys two options to report for call time. They can either stay after school with us and do homework, watch a movie, eat a snack, etc. and then walk over to the high school with us
– OR
They can go home as they normally would, and have you drop them off at the high school at 5:25 p.m.
If they are staying for the “long haul”, they must remember to bring their show clothes to school. We will need to change at NMS because changing facilities aren’t available at the high school.
If you are dropping them off, they will need to be taken around the back of the school by the pool and auditorium parking lot. They should enter door 15 and go directly to the NHS Choir Room. We will have guides to help them find the choir room.
Our Performance Day Schedule for them will be as follows:
3:40 NMS School Dismissal
3:45 Either students go home or report to the choir room to do homework or watch a movie.
5:00 NMS Guys walk with Mrs. A over to the high school. *Mr. N and Josiah drive over for early sound check.
5:25 – 5:45 Sound Check for specials (Hello Mary Lou, Baby You Can Drive My Car).
5:45 – 6:00 NMS Choir Guys will practice in the high school choir room.
6:00 Pizza served (dinner for NMS and NHS performers in the NHS cafeteria) – no charge.
6:30 Mass Choir staging and rehearsal in the NHS auditorium.
7:10 – Regroup in choir room and get ties on for the show!
7:30 show begins.
8 – 8:10 show will be over. Parents pick up their son in the auditorium lobby.
Thank you parents for helping make this special night possible!
Mrs. Armington / Mr. Norwood
If a choir student is ill and does not attend school school policy does not allow him perform with us. He will receive a make-up assignment when he returns to school.
If a student misses a mandatory performance (like this one), without an excused absence and a completed make up assignment, their grade will be lowered one full step at the end of the 9 week grading period.




We have some pretty fabulous kids in our NMS Choirs. It is very hard each week to find the “STAND-0UTS”, but these kids were true stars as they sang their hearts out last week!  Each Llama-licious kid from the “herd” was a great example to their peers, and an overall leader in their section.

The Llam-TASTIC kids this week include:

6th graders: Regan Templeton, Wyatt Miller, Lillian Tapp
7th Graders: Ariana Bartley, Victor Serikow, Hannah Templeton

8th Graders: Alexis Bickford, Alexis Kline, Tyler Frazier


SwingFry news!


images (8)


We just received a note from the high school music parents regarding SwingFry.  They said that many of you haven’t signed up for a shift yet.  They need to make sure every committee is filled, so if you haven’t taken the time to sign up for your SwingFry Volunteer Shift, please do so this week.  You can click the Sign Up Genius Tab above and select SwingFry to find a shift and a job that will suit you and your family’s needs.

2ndly, they need quite a few more baked goods donated for the baked sale.  If you didn’t get a chance to complete a bake sale form you may sign up using this link:  Bake Sale Sign Up

Many of you have submitted Silent Auction items.  THANK YOU!!!


Finally, we just wanted to remind you to order your dinner/show tickets for SwingFry in advance.  This will save you a few dollars, and help you avoid lonnnnnnnnng ticket lines!  You have until October 24, 2017 to order advanced tickets.

BTW, your kids are singing their hearts out right now.  We are happy, happy, happy, with their progress!!