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2601b53e-3420-41cc-84e8-09c28fe96da5Saturday, January 26th we will have approximately 66 NMS students perform in the ISSMA Vocal and Ensemble Contest held at Fairfield High School.  This year we have two ensembles, 6 pianists, and a lot of students taking vocal solos.  Contest is free and open to the public.  Students in grades 6-12 from all of our area schools will get a chance to perform for judges.  These judges rate their performance on tone quality, dynamics, melody and rhythm accuracy, stage presence, breath support, etc.  Our students will receive gold, silver, or bronze medals after their performance.  Here is a schedule in case you would like to attend!  –>issma 2019 solo and ensemble contest – sheet1    


We have received your signed yellow parent slips confirming that you are aware of the Semester II concert and rehearsal dates.  Thank you for sending that in.  It helps us more than you know.

We still have quite a few volunteer slots that remain open.  We will need to fill the following positions, so if you can still lend a hand in any of these areas please sign up using the Signup Genius tab on this page.

6th Grade Volunteer needs:  ISSMA Chaperones  – 4,   ISSMA Photographer – 1, Final Blast Dress Rehearsal Chaperones – 2, Final Blast Concert #1 Chaperoe 2, Final Blast Concert #2 Chaperones 5, Final Blast Ushers show #2 – 4, Final Blast Box office Show #2 – 1, Final Blast Dinner Crew – 9, Final Blast Photographer Show 1 and 2 – 1, Tear Down Crew – 4.

7th Grade Volunteer needs:  ISSMA Locker Decorations for periods 1 and 2, ISSMA Chaperones – 3, Issma Photographer – 1, Final Blast Dress Rehearsal Chaperone – 1, Final Blast Chaperones Concert #1- 3, Final Blast Chaperones Concert #2  – 2.  Tear Down Crew – 2, Ushers for show #2 – 3, Box office Show 1 and 2 – 1 each, Dinner Crew – 8, Photographer for show 1 and 2 – 1 each. 

8th Grade Volunteer needs:  ISSMA Locker Decorations for periods 6 and 7, ISSMA Chaperones – 3, ISSMA Photographer – 1, Final Blast Dress Rehearsal Chaperone – 2, Final Blast Concert Chaperone for Show #1- 3, Final Blast Concert Chaperone for Show #2 -3, Final Blast Ushers for show 1 and 2 – 3 each show, Dinner Crew – 10, Final Blast Locker Decorations periods 6 and 7, Photographer Show 2.

And now…… the top beasts for weeks 15 and 16!  These kids have been outstanding in class!

6th Grade: Rylie Esparza, Braden Franks, Ava Gilbert, Maicey Hardy, Seth Miller

7th Grade: Ryan Gibson, Faith Miller, Bella Nickell, Skye Stachel, Natalie Yoder

8th Grade: Tame Baylis, Lila Bontrager, Aubrey Byers, Lauren Hainlin, Bennett Leisure, Damon Ringer, Jatzairy Sanchez.

NHS Musical this weekend!

Whether you’ve lived it or just heard about it, everyone knows the 80s and all the crazy toys, games, hair styles, and fantastic music. This weekend the music and theater programs are presenting the musical Back to the 80’s. Come join the class of 1985 of William Ocean High School as they re-live their senior year and all the great moments we all remember from high school.

Performances are Saturday @ 7:00 and Sunday @ 2:00 in the Northridge auditorium. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchases online at

Hope to see you this weekend as we go Back to the 80s.

Ellen Augustine, Ph. D.

Back in the swing of things!

swing meme

We are off and running, and this should be a terrific semester for our kids.  Below is a link to the parent letter we are sending home today (in case your copy doesn’t make it that far!)    In this letter we let you know our “Mandatory” dates for this Semester, and ask for you to check for any conflicts.  We also give you a chance to volunteer (Yay!  Yay!  Yay!) for one of the many areas that are open on signup genius!  First come first serve, so sign up fast!  Would you all please help us by completing the bottom portion of this letter and returning it to us by Friday?  We will need one returned for each student so that we know these dates have made it into your hands 🙂 Thanks everyone!!

Click here –> 2nd semester parent letter 2019

One Last Christmas Note


We had a very Cool Yule last weekend and Christmas is almost is here in just a few short days! Our Christmas concert DVD’s were dropped off this afternoon and should be coming home with your student (7th graders will get theirs tomorrow morning). We also have a few extra copies (about 10 DVDs and a couple Blu-ray’s) that we ordered just in case it had slipped your mind to order. We’ll sell them tomorrow until they’re gone! First come first serve!

Also we have added a heaping helping of more Christmas pictures on the NMS Choir Beast Facebook page ( check them out for some wonderful snapshots of a fantastic show! Lots more can be found here as well! A huge thank you to our wonderful Photo-moms who helped us out by taking pictures!!

Have a very Merry Christmas from the NMS Choir!:)

Christmas “Wrap Up” (tee hee)

We have pictures coming in from our parent photographers!  Mrs. Gilbert just sent in “gobs” of great ones!  We just posted them on our Facebook page!  We will keep updating, so keep an eye open.    Also, would you mind taking a short survey for us?  We are collecting information about the Christmas Concert and SwingFry in hopes of discovering ways of making things better for you and our students.  Thanks for your help.  (Only one response needed per family please.)  click here for the survey –>