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Mama I’m a Big Girl Now

Soprano I Sectional:

Soprano II Sectional:

Alto Sectional:


Solo Sectional:

Simple Gifts

Duet Sectional:

Who Am I?

Who Am I – Part I Sectional:

Who Am I – Part II Sectional:

Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel

DMLDD – Tenor Sectional:

DMLDD – Tenor Part Only:

DMLDD – Baritone Sectional:

DMLDD – Baritone Part Only:

Need words to the song? 

Click here –>Sponge Bob Square Pants

Sponge Bob Square Pants Rehearsal Recordings

6th Grade practice–>

6th Grade with accompaniment

7th Grade practice–>

7th Grade with accompaniment–>

8th Grade practice –>

8th Grade with accompaniment –>