The Annual Band vs Choir Dodgeball Deathmatch is quickly approaching, and if you hadn’t heard the Mr. Cone and the NMS Band threw down the gauntlet earlier this week (Video for Reference), so we couldn’t just not respond.:) Hope to see all of you choir beasts there after school Tuesday (3:45 to 5:00) to help defend our current reign as dodgeball champions!!!


Must Watch!

*Try #2! ūüôā

8th graders: Carlie Weaver, Meghan Mansfield, Nicholas Gorden, Mandy Dyson, and Hailey Thompson sang our National Anthem acapella and in 3 part harmony this morning at the 5K. They were outstanding. Great job Choir Beasts! (Sad to say, but it sounds like your definitely ready for High School!) Heres the video!!


Results Are In! – ISSMA 2018

Just in case you’ve been anxiously waiting with bated breath to find out how our choir beasts did, we have the results you’ve been waiting for!






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Golds across the board!!!

Grade 6  Judge 1   GOLD     Judge 2  GOLD    Judge  3 GOLD!!!

Grade 7   Judge 1    GOLD    Judge 2 GOLD     Judge 3 GOLD!!!

Grade  8   Judge 1    GOLD     Judge 2 GOLD    Judge 3 GOLD!!!


And if a little something caught your eye on one of the plaques, the 6th Grade Choir was also awarded a “With Distinction” award based on their scores (They were only 2.5 points away from a perfect score of 27)!!

And on top of all of that, both the 7th Grade and 8th Grade NMS Bands received Gold Ratings earlier in the day as well!! Must be something in the water at NMS that produces awesome musicians…. Or we just have some amazingly talented kids!!!

We couldn’t be prouder of these kids and the hard work and long hours that they put in to reach this high level of excellence! WAY TO GO BEASTS!!!!


New Beasts on the Top

Another week (or 2) of students rising to the challenge and standing out as top beasts! Whether it was keeping focused after long days of ISTEP testing or carefully picking apart and cleaning just a small passage of our contest music these kids kept their eye on the prize! Here are the tip-top beast o’the week (and last week)!

6th Grade: Makenna Helm, Shelby Mack, Josh Miller, Bella Nickell, Lillian Tapp, Lucas Wensel

7th Grade: Aubrey Byers, Ethan Dill, Madison Kliewer, Landon Story, Emma Tapp, Tara Vitali

8th Grade: Heidi Flores, Mason Floria, Emily Knox, Ava Miller, Ashley Penzenik