And the Results Are In!

Just in case you’ve been anxiously waiting to hear the results from our ISSMA filled day, we have the results you’ve been waiting for!




Golds across the board!!!

Grade 6 – Gold Rating!

Grade 7  – Gold Rating!!

Grade  8 – Gold Rating!!!

And on top of all of that, both the combined 7th Grade and 8th Grade NMS Band received a Gold Rating as well as being awarded the With Distinction….distinction earlier in the day!! Must be something in the water at NMS that produces awesome musicians…. Or we just have some amazingly talented kids!!!

We couldn’t be prouder of these kids and the hard work and long hours that they put in to reach this high level of excellence! Way to go to all of our amazing Gold winners!!!

A Fantastic ISSMA Outing!

And the results are…..the kids did amazing yesterday!! In case you were not around when we received the results for each performance, the NMS Choirs (and Band) had a very successful first ISSMA performance for each group!

Each of the 6th, 7th, and 8th grade groups performed phenomenally yesterday, with 6th grade receiving a solid Gold Rating to start things off for the choirs! 7th grade then took the warm stage and gave a fantastic showing as well receiving a Silver Rating (.5 away from Gold)! Finally 8th grade knowing that this was their one and only chance for a middle school ISSMA performance absolutely knocked it out of the park taking the final Gold Rating for the day!! (The combined 7th and 8th grade band also started out the day by performing wonderfully, receiving a Gold Rating as well as With Distinction!) Could not be prouder of how well our kids carried and presented themselves and gave it their all yesterday!! A huge round of applause and big congratulations on fantastic day of performing!!

Knight Lights Compete at Homestead

KL at Homestead

The members of the Knight Lights show choir traveled to Homestead this past weekend for their first competitive performance of the year (and only the second time ever in the history of the group). Going up against 8 other groups from all over the state, the Knight Lights put on an awesome performance taking 3rd Runner-Up out of 9, as well as placing second in the vocal category! 8th Grader Jayla Watson also received the Outstanding Performer award for the group as well! If you would like to see some pictures from their performance, Mrs. Byers took some awesome pictures throughout the night which can be found here (! Amazing job to the kids on their successful first competition!!

Home Sweet Home

Final Christmas Info

Below you will find the letter we sent home today 🙂

2ndly, Thank you for your generous donations. We are still short about $800. If you haven’t already donated for the dinner, please consider helping us out. This meal will feed all of our students. Thank you again.

Dear Choir Parent

Here is a review of what is coming in the next few days.  First, tickets are on sale in the choir room for $3.  You can also get them at the door, but there will be a line at the box office.  It is open seating so you may want to come a bit early to get the seat of your choice!  Doors will open at 3:45 for show 1 and 5:45 for show 2.  Some parents want to watch both shows (because we are so good!) 🙂 Other parents like to watch one show and then leave for the next show.  Just be sure your child knows what door you will be picking them up at.  Door 15 will have a lot of traffic so you may want to pick them up at door 21 (band parking lot), or Door 1 (front of school).   The second show should end around 8:15 p.m.

Dress rehearsal is tomorrow and will run until 5:45 for choirs, and 6:30 for Show choir.  

6th graders get picked up at door 15, 7th graders get picked up at door 1, and 8th graders get picked up at door 21.  Please be on time…we are beat at the end of rehearsal and really want to get home. 🙂

Saturday students should come in their black and whites.  Their call time is 4 p.m.  They should report to their homerooms (6th band room) (7 & 8 choir room) dressed and ready by that time.

We will be serving a subway meal in between shows.  

I think that covers everything.  We can’t wait to perform for you! Mrs. A and Mr. N

Our first big show….

Dear Choir Parents, October 8, 2021  C:\Users\armingtonj\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\C8R4515Y\MC900078751[1].wmf

Our first big show for all choirs will be the SwingFry Choir Fundraiser.  This will be the first time our full choirs hit the stage.  Swingfry is a concert/dinner/fundraiser all rolled into one!  The Middlebury Community really supports this fundraiser and thousands show up for a very big “party” on Saturday, November 13th.  SwingFry takes place at Northridge High School.  We have every middle school and high school choir singing 3-4 songs, each show choir performs, as well as special soloists between each group.  This is an unconventional concert in that our audience comes and goes in between each group.  You can watch the groups that you want to watch and then duck out for dinner in the cafeteria.  The dinner that we serve for Swingfry is Dan’s all you can eat Chicken or Fish dinner along with homemade desserts.  (The pie is AMAZING)!!  Our choirs raise money from the number of dinner and concert tickets sold, along with a huge bake sale, a concession stand, and  a “to go” coffee shop.  All of the funds raised help the NHS Choirs and NMS Choirs function for the rest of the school year.

As we said, this is a huge party!  To pull this off, the high school choir parents volunteer their time in the early to late afternoon shifts, and the middle school choir parents volunteer their time during the early evening hours.  That way, each parent gets to watch their child perform and also volunteer their time to run this big shindig.   We are hoping that all of our middle school choir parents roll up their sleeves for an hour or two and chip in to make this party a success.   Before signing up, you should check the estimated performance time for your child.  Please sign up for a shift that doesn’t interfere with a chance to see your child! 

6th graders will perform at 3:00 p.m

7th graders will perform at 3:40 p.m.

8th graders will perform around 4:00 p.m.

Just the Guys (all boys in Choir) will perform around 4:20 p.m.

Knight Light Show Choir will perform around 6:40 p.m.

To be prepared for SwingFry you will need to do the following.   

  1. Go to
  2. Sign up for a volunteer position.
  3. Locate the choir outfit for your son or daughter.

Outfits: (Picture examples can be found on the choir website

The girls will need: a black knee length skirt, a long sleeved white blouse that has a collar and buttons down the front, and black shoes.  They will be given a Rosette tie. 

The boys will need:  black dress slacks, black socks and black shoes, a long sleeve white dress shirt with a collar that  buttons down the front.  They will be given a tie.

Dress Rehearsal will take place after school on Thursday, Nov 11.  

  1. Parents sending in treats or water for Dress Rehearsal should have their child drop them off in the choir room that morning.
  2. Students will be either walking over to the high school, or riding buses, depending on the weather.  Students should bundle up for the short walk! After the rehearsal students will be dismissed to a specific door for pickup in hopes of reducing the waiting lines in the parking lot.

Concert Day, Northridge HS Auditorium Saturday, November 13th!!

Choir Arrival and put on ties Warm-Up in Home  Room                 Perform

NMS 6th Grade Choir 2:25 2:35 3:00

NMS 7th Grade Choir 3:05 3:15 3:40

NMS 8th Grade Choir 3:25 3:35 4:00

Just The Guys X 4:05 4:20

NMS Show Choir X X 6:40

****Students will be asked to watch at least two other choirs perform their set before going home.  Our choirs learn so much by watching other choirs perform! This will help them complete their written critique on Monday.*  If you can’t stay for them to watch the two 20 minute performances, we have a make up assignment that they can be given to complete at home.  A list of all NMS and NHS Choral performances may be found on the back of this letter. The groups that they watch are up to you, and your own schedule.  We encourage our parents to sit with their children to monitor their behavior and enjoy this experience together.   If you are working a volunteer shift or unable to sit with your child we would like our students to sit in the reserved seating made available for them so that they can be monitored.  

Volunteers:  If you volunteered for SwingFry on Sign up genius for treats, water, or chaperoning you will receive a phone call reminder a week before the event and specific information to help you perform your duty.  The Concert Day volunteers who sign up for slots via the enclosed link will receive reminder calls from their committee Chair Person.  Again we ask that all of our choir parents volunteer for one slot on performance day so that the high school parents can watch their kids perform.  The shifts are short and go quickly!  Sign up now so that you get the slot you want. 

Conflicts:  If your son/daughter has a conflict with concert day please read about the make up assignment they will need to complete to take the place of this mandatory performance.  Conflict forms are available at the website or in the choir room.  These are due by Friday, October 22nd to be excused.  

Sincerely,  Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood


Please spread the word that the annual Swingfry Fall Fundraiser is this Saturday. It will be held in the back band parking lot from 3 to 7 p.m. We desperately need all of our choir families, their friends, and neighbors to come. Dinner will be served in a drive through setting (4 lanes!). Dan’s chicken and fish will be served with the meal. We have a 15 slots for volunteers that have not been filled yet. If you, or your son/daughter would like to fill a 30 minute position for us please click the link below. Thanks! See y’all Saturday!!