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Congratulations to our top Choir Beasts for 8/21 – 9/1!  We post their pictures on our Facebook page every week.  Click on the facebook link (right side of this page) to check out these Llam-tastic kids!

6th Grade: Heaven Coffman, Abbigail Hunt, Valentin Cardona, Brianna Gilbert

7th Grade:  Tamenech Baylis, Jazzlyn Horton, Gage Garber, Lila Bontrager

8th Grade: Meghan Mansfield, Natalie Cripe, Sarah Davis, Carlie Weaver

Choir Fees are due tomorrow 8/29/17



Just a friendly reminder, NMS Choir Fee ($25) is due tomorrow 8/29/17    If you send cash would you please place it in an envelope with your child’s first and last name on it? Checks are also accepted.   Please make checks payable to NMS and write your child’s name in the memo section of your check.

If you would like to submit it with the green form and have misplaced yours, extras are available from the choir hand book (found under the Parent Info and forms tab on this page.

If you need additional time you can just complete the bottom portion of the green choir fee form to let us know what your game plan is.

Thank you!  Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood

STOP THE PRESSES!! Northridge Choirs are in a Fish and Chicken Frenzy!!


Today we sent home an extremely important packet of information for all choir parents.  There is an orange sheet (parent letter) that explains everything, and a big packet from the MMPA regarding the SwingFry performance and fundraiser.  Please ask your child for your copy.  If it doesn’t make it home and into your hands, you can click on the link below to see the letter.

*Copies of the MMPA information will be found under the tab labeled Parent Info and Forms on this site.

*A link to the Swingfry signup genius is also available under our Signup Genius tab.

Parent letter click here –> iNTRO sWINGFRY LETTER 2017   

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!


Great Meeting




Thank you parents for coming to the Green Carpet Gala Meeting at NHS last night.  We were able to cover a lot of issues that we are facing right now.  Doing it face to face is so much more valuable than trying to communicate through letters, and notes on the internet!  We appreciate all of you very much.

We will be sending home a packet of information in case you missed it!  Hopefully you will see it by Friday.  Topics covered were:

  • Concerts
  • Choir Activities outside of class:  rollerskating, movie/pizza, lock in
  • Volunteer coorespondence
  • Choir Fees
  • The SpringFry Fall Fundraiser for all choir students
  • Show Choir
  • The Choir Handbook, where to find it, and what is in it.
  • Feeding the 400 for Christmas and Final Blast Dinners

Thanks again, and we will be in touch soon!  Mrs. A


2017-2018 NMS Knight Lights Cast List!!


NMS Knight Lights Cast List 2017-2018

   Ladies:                                                           Men:

Tame Baylis                                                  Josiah Cross

Lila Bontrager                                               Jake Cushwa

Natily Cripe                                                    Kyle Deal

Riley Fain                                                     Ethan Dill

Chelsea Hickman                                        Mason Floria

Ella Hoefer                                                  Tyler Frazier

Morgan Hunsberger                                  Nicholas Gorden

Wrigley Koch                                              Bennett Leisure

Meghan Mansfield                                    Caden Mack

Ava Miller                                                   Victor Serikow

Leah Miller                                                 Drew Stahly

Makena Mount

Emileigh Otto

Jade Pletcher

Morgan Roan

Kenna Rohrer

Kendal Ross

Jaley Scroggins

Jadeyn Stouder

Haily Thompson

Carlie Weaver

Emma Yaney

We Need Help


Parents we need help. We currently have an extreme chaperone need for our final blast concerts. At the moment we only have a total of 8 chaperones to help our kids on Saturday, with 5 of those being for the 4PM show and only 3 for the 7PM show. We are scrambling to figure out a way to work with what we have with the current “best plan” being that the 8th Grade students sit out in the audience until it is their time to perform. We are not very keen on this plan and are desperately asking for several willing parents (especially 7th and 8th grade parents) to help us help our kids have the best performance possible.  Currently we would love to have/need to have 2 – 6th grade chaperones, 2 7th grade chaperones, and 3 – 8th grade chaperones for the 4PM show, and 3 – 6th, 3 – 7th, and 4 – 8th for the 7PM show. If you and/or family members are available to help us in this way please send me an email:, or Mrs. Armington:, or sign up directly on the signup genius website ( ).

Sincerely (pleadingly?),                                                                                                                                           Mr. Norwoodpleading