Important Parent News from Choir Dept

Dear NMS and NHS Choir Parent,                                                                              December 3, 2020

Our choirs have been preparing to carol in downtown Middlebury, Saturday, December 12th from 6-7:00 p.m.  The kids have been having fun learning some of the old “tried and true” carols so that they can bring a smile to our Middlebury family that evening.  This is not a mandatory event, but we are hoping that most of our kids can be involved so that we can fill the streets with singing!  As you know we haven’t been able to sing together, or have our Christmas Concerts this year.  This will be so much fun for you and our kids.

                Here are some details to help you plan ahead.   Students who have last names A-M should be dropped off in the little park next to the fire station.  Students N-Z should be dropped off in the park next to the library.   Each student must have a mask.  We will spread out down both sides of 13 and begin our singing there.   After we run through our 10 carols we will proceed south towards the Post office and split up as we enter a neighborhood on both sides of the street.  We will sing around the block and then return to 13.   Once finished the kids will get a special treat in the park.  This should last only one hour.  You may drop them off and come back later or ….. wait for it…….PARK YOUR CAR AND JOIN in AS WE CAROL!!!!  Now isn’t that a GREAT IDEA?!  We will have carol books so that you can sing along as we bring some joy to Middlebury.

                We have not done this before but we are going to push things along so that we end at 7 p.m.  if at all possible!  You should make arrangements with your child where you want to pick them up.  Some of you may wish to park along the road, or at the library, or behind the stores on 13.  Others may want to pick your child up in one of the church parking areas downtown.  We will leave that up to you.  But obviously it is important for you to pick up your child on time so they aren’t left out in the cold.  Brrrr!

Your student should use the link below to let us know if he or she is planning to come caroling with us.  Parents don’t need to register J  Again, this is not mandatory but we are hoping a lot of our kids can join in the fun!

Please register by Wednesday, December 9! 

                                                                Sincerely, Mrs. Armington, Mr. Norwood, Mrs. Manglos


Please spread the word that the annual Swingfry Fall Fundraiser is this Saturday. It will be held in the back band parking lot from 3 to 7 p.m. We desperately need all of our choir families, their friends, and neighbors to come. Dinner will be served in a drive through setting (4 lanes!). Dan’s chicken and fish will be served with the meal. We have a 15 slots for volunteers that have not been filled yet. If you, or your son/daughter would like to fill a 30 minute position for us please click the link below. Thanks! See y’all Saturday!!

Up and coming your way….

Parents we have two big things coming up and we wanted to let you know in advance so that you and your family can plan on attending! First we have our Annual SwingFry Fundraiser for the NMS and NHS Choirs on Saturday November 14th. Unfortunately we will not be allowed to perform but we have been given the “go ahead” to have a drive in food pick up at NHS. The Chicken and Fish Dinner orders will be taken and delivered to your cars in the back parking lot (follow the signs) by our students from 3 – 7:00 p.m. that afternoon. Please advertise for us by inviting friends, relatives, and neighbors. The money we earn will help our programs so much.

On Saturday, December 12 our choir students in grades 6-12 will be caroling for downtown Middlebury from 6 – 7 p.m. Students should be dropped off at Memorial Park. They can make arrangements to be picked up where ever you would like to pick them up. This is not mandatory, but we hope for a big turn out. It will be the first time we have every swarmed the downtown area with our talented kids. I hope your child can be a part of this special time.

More info on both events will be coming your way, but this should help you plan for your family. Sincerely, Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood

Swing Fry

We are unable to perform for this year’s SwingFry Fall Fundraiser, but we have been given permission to have a drive through for the Fish and Chicken dinners! More info will be coming your way in the next few weeks, but we wanted to give you a head’s up on what will be happening in November. We would like students to be involved in serving, cleaning up, and preparing the meals. Below you will find a student sign up where our 7th and 8th grade students can sign up for volunteer positions. Parents it would help us if you would oversee their sign up so that it coincides with your family plans that Saturday (November 14th). Students may sign up for more than one 30 minute time slot, but we would like all students to serve in some capacity that day. 8th graders will be able to earn civic points for their service.

Middle School Student sign up for Drive thru fish fry fundraiserPlease review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Choir WILL be happening! Wahoooo!

We just wanted to put the newest info out there for all of our Choir Beasts and Band Geeks!  Choir and band will look a lot different for awhile but we still will be allowed to make music!  We want to insure the safety of our kids so quite a few measures will be implemented as we start this school year!  The main change will be space!   Singers will have at least 6 seats in the auditorium between them.  It will feel odd at first but in the long run space allows students to really hear themselves better, builds breath support, and strengthens ones voice.  So we are excited to see how these challenges will build our choirs to even more GREATNESS!! Choir will be meeting every other day.  This will give kids an opportunity to be in both band and choir or try a different elective.   We will also be featuring some of the Final Blast music we missed last year.  All in all this could get exciting!  So hold on to your hats and get ready for a bumpy but fun year!  We can’t wait to see you!!  Mamma A and Mr. N498D0BB1-7CA6-4D53-B833-086A5A3366A5

Show Choir Summer camp opens!

Mrs. Norwood reported in that her show choir camp got off to a great start.  Students 5-9 met in face masks and rehearsed in 6 feet spaces their music and choreography!  Looks pretty awesomely safe to me!  I bet these kids were so relieved to sing and dance again!  Kids need to express themselves physically and emotionally.  Show choir camp is giving them just what they need!  Thanks Mrs. Norwood, with former NMS Choir Beasts Syd Fogle, Meredith Dorbin,  And Wrigley Koch for providing this opportunity to our NMS kids.  My hope and dream is that we will find a way to do this ourselves soon.  Hopefully we will receive our instructions from Administrators soon.  They have so many aspects to consider to get our kids back to school.  I think we all should be praying for them as they forge this new direction for students and teachers!  Keep checking here!  We will update ASAP! A882FD6A-CF12-4BF1-9C1C-7EA7E807788B


First, we need help reaching incoming 6th graders for the NMS 6th grade choir this year.  Choir will look different this year but we still would love to have as many kids in it as we will be allowed.  If you do know someone would you please put a plug in for us and have their parent call in August to register them?  We usually have 190 signed up for 2 classes.  Right now we only have around 57 total.  Our problem is that we couldn’t recruit like we normally do and kids just don’t know what choir is like at NMS.  We’d appreciate any help you can give us.
Secondly, as soon as we are given a snapshot of what choir can be this year we will let you all know.  I do know that social distancing will be enforced.  So our normal choir numbers may need to be limited.  We will also probably divide classes into two locations, if permitted, to give every student a safe place to work.  I’m looking at face shields as a possibility if we are permitted to sing.  I tried one on the other day and it sounds like you are singing in the shower! It makes everyone sound like they are a Rock Star!  They were used for the summer theater camp for Elkhart Civic and will be used for Show Choir Camp.  So far they are working well.

Now we sit and wait to see what our guidelines will be. Most of you know us , We have plan A B C and D routes we can take so that Choir at NMS will still be the best class there is!
I posted a video of our 6 grade singing a warm up in class.  You can check it out on our Facebook page!  It made me cry!  I miss my lambs and hearing them sing! IMG_0762Stay tuned …. I will post updates here!  Mama Armington