Choir Beasts this week, and a few reminders….


Wowee Kazowee! These kids were the top Choir Beasts in their classes this week! A few of them are even earning the nickname “PIPES” because they’ve got such big voices and are leading their sections! These kids have been truely Llam-tastic this week! We love having their help each day! Two Hooves Up to all of them!!  (Click on our Facebook link to see their pictures!)
6th Grade: Tanisha Schlabach, Grant Carrington, Ethan Pierson
7th Grade: Ethan Dill, Sydney Nethercutt, Natalie Checkley
8th Grade: Hannah Duncan, Jerica Oglesbee

2ndly, A reminder to all of you who have signed up to chaperone.

You will need to go here —> and complete the background consent form if you haven’t already filled one out this year.  It will last for the entire year and can be used for any school functions you are helping supervise.  At the bottom you just click “Submit” and you are done.  Please try to get this completed this week.  (I’d give you a Llama-rrific sticker….but that would be difficult!)

Finally,  If you have any “gently used” choir black pants, bl6fe51195d1277885f190dae53d598d43ack skirts, white shirts, or black dress shoes that your child has grown out of, would you please donate those to our CHOIR CLOSET?  We can pass them on to students who are in need.  Thank you!



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Hi parents!  In case your copy of our letter doesn’t make it home today, here is a copy of the letter we gave to the boys in choir.

Click here –>Just The Guys Parent Letter

Parents of our girls, the only things you need to know are:

A.  The Just the Guys Concert will take place on Monday, October 16th at 7:30 in the NHS Auditorium.   This is not a mandatory performance for our ladies because….well they aren’t guys!

B.  Your girls are going to want to come to the Just The Guys Concert because…

  1.  They know that our guys will be AMAZING.
  2. They will want to show their  “team spirit” by supporting the young men in their choir.
  3.  Girls that attend receive a “FREEBIE” pass for coming to the concert.
  4. There will be hundreds of boys there……  enough said.  🙂

C.  This is a short concert.  It will run from 7:30 – 8:00 p.m. (8:15 at the latest).



Top NMS Choir Beasts this week!


Top NMS Choir Beasts this week were these spectacular kids! Leading with their voices, leading with their great behavior, and leading with their great positive spirits each day in class! Great job you Llama-tastic, “hairy-good”, Llama-rific kids! Way to lead the pack!!

Grade 6: Megan Frey, Jeremiah Miller,
Grade 7: Heather McBride, Jonathan Spicher, Lauren Hainlin
Grade 8: Nicholas Gorden, Kendal Ross
(see pictures on our Facebook page!)

Top Choir Beasts this week!

We had another fantastic week in choir classes.  The kids are really starting to open up and sing!  Leaders are popping out in every class.  Our top choir beasts this week are listed below.  If you would like to see pictures, just head over to our facebook page.  We’ve got quite a “herd” developing!  (Quick link to FB page is in the right column of our website!).  

Llama-tastic kids this week are:

6th Grade Juliahna Smith, Jesse Bontrager, Mackenzie Vaughan

7th Grade:  Morgan Hunsberger, Victor Serikow, Cassidy Miller

8th Grade: Alexis Bickford, Mia Wilson, Noah Sties



llama tooth

Congratulations to our top Choir Beasts for 8/21 – 9/1!  We post their pictures on our Facebook page every week.  Click on the facebook link (right side of this page) to check out these Llam-tastic kids!

6th Grade: Heaven Coffman, Abbigail Hunt, Valentin Cardona, Brianna Gilbert

7th Grade:  Tamenech Baylis, Jazzlyn Horton, Gage Garber, Lila Bontrager

8th Grade: Meghan Mansfield, Natalie Cripe, Sarah Davis, Carlie Weaver

Choir Fees are due tomorrow 8/29/17



Just a friendly reminder, NMS Choir Fee ($25) is due tomorrow 8/29/17    If you send cash would you please place it in an envelope with your child’s first and last name on it? Checks are also accepted.   Please make checks payable to NMS and write your child’s name in the memo section of your check.

If you would like to submit it with the green form and have misplaced yours, extras are available from the choir hand book (found under the Parent Info and forms tab on this page.

If you need additional time you can just complete the bottom portion of the green choir fee form to let us know what your game plan is.

Thank you!  Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood