Updates from the Choir Dept!

We are doing well in Dinner Donations we are at $777 and are just $223 short. Please give if you can.

Dress rehearsal went well last night. We had 1 parent pick up their child 45 minutes late. Please be on time for tomorrows Dress Rehearsal. (Pick up at 5:45). Knight Lights ( Pick up at 6:30)

Treats and Water should be dropped off Thursday (tomorrow) from 7:30 – 12 pm. in the NMS front office or choir room if possible.

Dinner water should be dropped off Friday from 7:30 – 12 p.m. at NMS.

Tickets are flying out the door. Please get your tickets in advance. ($3) They will be at the door if there are anymore left. The doors will open 45 minutes before the show. So come early to pick out your favorite seat.

Students should be at NHS at 4 p.m. Saturday. They will be ready to go home at 8:15 or so.

Students will be served a Subway Dinner in between shows.

Dress Rehearsal Chaperones should meet me at NMS at 2:45 p.m. on Thursday.

Concert Chaperones will meet me on Sat in the choir room 45 minutes before the show. Show 1 will meet at 3:15 and Show will meet at 6:15 p.m.

Dinner Crew will meet in the cafeteria Saturday to set up the subs and chips for dinner. Please be there at 5:30 no later. Aprons, lunch detention slips will be found in the cafeteria concession stand. Cafeteria Rules are sit and stay seated in their chair. They do not get up for any reason until the horn is blown. When the horn blows students get up and throw their trash. They are to return to their table and raise their hands to have you check the floor, chairs, and table for their group. You can dismiss them at that time. Please use lunch detention forms for any one who is misbehaving or is very sloppy with their food. Leave the detention slips in the concession stand area. The tables must be washed. Then 6th grade boys will put the chairs up on the table for you to sweep the floor. Chairs need put down. Feel free to grab some extra volunteers 🙂

Ushers: Meet Mr. Norwood at the auditorium 45 minutes before the show. Show 1 : 3:15, and Show 2: 6:15.

Students may bring Christmas-y stuff to throw on for the last half of the show.


Thank you parents! Many have gone to the SignUpGenius tab and have signed up for something. Some have signed up for many things! 🙂 Below are the areas that are still uncovered. If you haven’t had a chance, please sign up. Thanks, Mrs. A

6th grade almost every thing is covered!!

2 ushers show 1 2 Ushers Show 2

Dinner crew 4

Tear Down crew 2

7th Grade

Ushers show 1 and 2 need 4 ushers

Dinner Crew 1

Tear Down -2

Photographer -1

Show 1 Chaperone – 1

8th Grade

Ushers show 1 and 2 need 4 Ushers!!!!

Dinner Crew – 6

Concert Chaperone Show 1 – need one, Show 2 – need 1

2 Dress Rehearsa Chaperes

4 Waters

Update on how things are going…

Tickets are on sale in the choir room ($3)

Dinner Donations are coming in! 🙂 thanx

Songs are singable but not memorized completely.

Costumes are pulled for all specials! (We have 177 students participating in an extra special way)

Stage will be set next week, video productions will be setting up next week, and we are rehearsig with our accompanist!

We’re pressing on to our goal. We want all of you feeling the “Christmas Spirit” when you leave our shows!


Would you believe that the Christmas Shows are 2 weeks from today? Yes you read that right. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to put a Christmas show on 3 weeks after Swingfry. But we do it, and it will be SPECTACULAR. (said with a tremble)

I just finished writing the Parent letter that has all of the details you will need to maneuver through Concert Week. Basically Tuesday, December 6 will be our Tech day for “specials” only. Kids that have solos, dance, or sing in Ensembles should be at this rehearsal.

Thursday, December 8 will be our full choir Dress Rehearsal. Students do not need to dress in their black and whites but will be changing in and out of costumes.

Saturday, December 10 will be the big Shindig! Tickets are on sale for $3. Just send in the money with your child and have him/her purchase tickets for the 4:30 or 7 p.m. show.

More details will be found at this link –> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1iwYumD00BoyZrG-eKbIVL2NH3lPKRsuM_WfHL_7HhUQ/edit?usp=share_link

We hate to ask but we are in great need for volunteers to help run the show. We use over 60 people per show. Right now we have half of that. Greatest needs are Chaperones and Dinner Crew. Read page 2 of the link I’ve shared and you will get a better view of what we are facing.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that we do 2 shows because our audiences are so big. In between meals we like to serve dinner to our 260+ kids. Subway helps us out with that but we need to collect donations so that each child is fed. If you would like to donate money for dinner you can just send cash or a check (made out to NMS) and we will take care of arranging the meal. We appreciate your generosity in advance! 🙂

Pictures anyone?

Thank you to these ladies who took quality fantastic photos!

Mrs. Byers: https://www.flickr.com/photos/amberbyers/sets/72177720303683733/

Mrs. Gilbert: https://photos.stainlessdiesel.com/gallery/2022swingfry/

Mrs. Norris: https://carrienorrisphotography.pixieset.com/nhsswingfry2022/

Also we just received the breakdown of the fundraiser money earned. Drum roll please……………….

Total Profit$17,771.43

Thank you to all of our parents who helped make this a wonderful day and night. As directors we are all very grateful for the kind of parents we have in Middlebury Community Schools!! Sincerely, Mrs. Armingon and Mr. Norwood