Need Dinner Crew

We need to have parents oversee our student dinner in the cafeteria between shows.  All that is necessary is walking around giving the “evil eye” to students who get out of their seat without permission.   Students raise their hand when they are ready to leave and you check their table/floor area for messes.  If there’s a mess, THEY CLEAN THEM UP.  After all of the kids are gone parents stick around and wipe down tables and sweep the floor.  We need quite a few more people….and since you’ll be at the show anyway….wouldn’t you please lend a hand?  Just go to signup genius and signup under dinner crew.  Pr-e-t-t-y Pleeze?  * Dinner Crew meets in the NHS Cafeteria between 5:15 – 5:30 to set up for dinner.  You can also come after show 1 if that is the show have tickets for.   It should be over by 5:45 p.m. giphy




We sent home a parent letter Friday and are not hearing back from very many parents, so here are a few reminders:

We need volunteers – big time!  Please sign up under the sign up genius tab.  Please.  Please.  Please! (begging status at this point)

T-Shirt Money should be turned in by Friday if at all possible.  ($9)   Donations towards other kids shirts will be gratefully accepted.

Food Donation Money is desperately needed to pay for dinner for the 400+ little stars that we have.  Please send in your donation asap so that we can sleep at night.

Phone reminders to all volunteers will be made this weekend.  Thanks in advance for your help.  

One week t’go!