Christmas Tickets

Christmas Tickets go on sale next Monday. There will be a ticket for the 4:30 show and one for the 7:00 show. Tickets cost $3 each. You may send in money to have your child purchase tickets in class. If you do, please make sure that they know what ticket time they will need. We will also sell them at the door but there are long lines at the box office table. I’d advise you to get them in advance. The show will be open seating. Doors open at 4 for the 4:30 show, and 6:30 for the 7 p.m. show. Seating is first come first served. 🙂 See you soon! Mrs. A

Plea for help!

Ok you can’t see me but I’m on my knees right now! We have quite a few holes in the volunteer positions for NEXT SATURDAY’S CONCERT! Yikes! Below is a list per grade of what is missing. Big shout out to 6th grade patents for filling almost all their positions. But these empty slots can be a bit dangerous if they aren’t covered. Chaperoning isn’t bad when there’s enough adults watching the kids. Dinner crew really helps maintain order when 270 excited Middle Schoolers are eating dinner! Without those parents it can get ugly!!

So please look these over and sign up on signup genius if you are willing to lend a hand! Or you can just email me, call me, or hunt me down!!! Thanks again, Mrs. Armington!

6th grade needs the following:

Dinner crew -4

Show 2 Chaperones -2

Box office for show 2 -1

Usher for show 2- 4

7th grade needs the following:

Tear Down crew-2

Chaperones for show 1 -2

Chaperones for show 2 -1

ushers Show 1 -3

8th grade needs the following:

Dress Rehearsal Chaperones -2

Concert 1 Chaperones – 2

Concert 2 Chaperones -2

Photographer show 1 -1

Photographer show 2 -1

Christmas Show week information!

Dear choir parents, we are quickly approaching the Christmas concerts and wanted to share some details with you!  

First we will have a tech rehearsal on Tuesday, December 7 that will be held until 5:45 at the high school for all students with special roles.  
We could use some treat donations for that rehearsal.  If you would like to donate just send nut free items in Monday, December 6th please.  All students should be picked up at door 15 after their rehearsal is over.   

Secondly, we will have our dress rehearsal for all choir students on Thursday, December 9th until 5:45 pm at the high school.  The show choir will work until 6.30.  
Students should be picked up at the following doors:  
Grade 6  Door 15 (pool parking lot)
Grade 7   Door 1 (front of school)
Grade 8.  Door 21 (band  parking lot)
Knight Lights Door 15 (pool parking)

Many of you volunteered to donate money for the kid’s dinner between the two concerts.  If you are able to help out we would appreciate it.  Please send in your donations any time between now and Friday December 3rd.  Your generosity will pay for a subway dinner for each child.  This really helps them have energy for the second show.  

Saturday, December 11 will be our shows.  The first will be at 4:30 and the second will take place at 7 pm.  Students are expected to perform at both shows so that each audience gets a chance to see their exciting performance.

Students will be wearing their black and whites again for this concert. There will come a time when they will be allowed to deck themselves out with things like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, garland, lights, etc!  

Finally our parent volunteer slots have holes in many places.  Please think about going to signup genius at to lend a hand!
Volunteers should receive a reminder phone call December 4th or 5th.  

Thank you for all you do to make such a grand experience possible for our kids!  
Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood

Swingfry sucess!

Thank you parents and students for supporting our Choral program at NMS AND NHS! What a fantastic turnout we had. We appreciate all you did to make this year’s Swingfry a success. We asked for volunteers and so many of you stepped up and helped out. Thank you to those who worked the kitchen or dining room, sold tickets, ushered, coat checked, or worked anywhere needed. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to our own volunteers who made each class feel special with cool locker decorations. Thank you to our fearless chaperones who tried to manage some very hyped up middle schoolers! We really appreciated those of you who stepped in at the last minute to lend a hand. Our kids were very grateful for the treats and water you sent in for dress rehearsal. The students made us so proud in their performances. They worked very hard on their songs and were beyond excited to perform for all of you! We will be posting pictures as they come in from our volunteer photographers. Check our facebook page for most of them but here are a few of Knight Lights that I got a chance to take. Again we appreciate you all so much! I love working in Middlebury schools! Parent support is the best!

8th Grade party results….

Ohhhhhhh we had such a great time with the 8th graders. They dressed in costumes and had a photo scavenger hunt. Each group had a list of pictures that they had to take with their group. We received so many good ones, but below are a few of them. We’ll post the rest on the Facebook page. The pizza was good, the laughter and fun we had was priceless!

Swingfry Saturday, November 13, 2021 is going to be a fabulous day! 

It is the day of the Northridge Choral Departments’ annual SwingFry event! You, your family and friends, and other guests from the community will be able to see and hear the award winning Northridge High School and Northridge Middle School choirs along with special acts, AND enjoy an All-You-Can-Eat Fish and Chicken Dinner. Proceeds will help support our NHS and NMS choral programs. As a choir parent, your help is needed to make this fundraising event a successful one! The Middlebury Music Parent Association (MMPA) is asking all choir parents to volunteer to work a shift at the event. 

Finally, we are asking you to invite friends and family members to come to SwingFry and enjoy the dinner and show! 


Click: for online tickets or you may purchase tickets at the door

Adults: $15 (Meal and Show) 

Children (8 and under): $10 (Meal and Show) 

Performers: $10 (Meal and Show) 

Show Only: $10 (Show Only) 

Help needed!

O.k. people. We are in an emergency situation at this point. WE ARE SHORT, 72 VOLUNTEERS! The high school parents have filled their slots and our slots remain open! I know you are busy people but please find an hour or two to lend a hand for our Swingfry Fundraiser. We are doing this for your children. (Guilt violin plays here). Please take time today to go to the link below and sign up for your position. Pretty please with cherries on top. Thank you. Mrs. A