Thank you!

As of today, we have collected enough money to pay for a meal for every child on Saturday!  We have been overwhelmed with the generosity of our choir families.  Thank you for assisting us in this endeavor.  Throwing dinner for 400 children is not an easy task, and your gracious giving has made it possible.  Thank you!!!

Tickets, get yer tickets!

Christmas Concert Tickets for Saturday, Dec. 16 at 4:30 and 7 p.m. are on sale now in the choir classes.  Tickets are $2.  Get’em while they are still available 🙂  The Holly Jolly Christmas Concert will be AMAZING!  We can’t wait, and we are in it!  🙂

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Parent Letter for Nov. 27

A letter went home today with some Christmas concert information.  In case it doesn’t make it into your hands …here’s a copy just for you!


Dear Choir Parents, November 27, 2017
Our Christmas Concerts are just a few weeks away. More details will follow as we draw closer but here are a few details to get you started.
*We give two concerts to accommodate the huge crowds we have each year.
*Our dress rehearsal will take place Wednesday, December 13 from 3:05- 5:45 p.m. (Knight Light Show Choir will rehearse until 6:30 p.m.) Our shows will take place Saturday, December 16th at 4:30 and 7:00 p.m. We will be serving each of our performers a Subway dinner in between the two shows. (Donations appreciated!)
*All Choir students are expected to participate in both shows and the dress rehearsal. If you have a conflict please submit a conflict form by Friday, Dec. 1st so that your child can receive an excused absence and the make-up Essay Assignment to do in lieu of singing in the mandatory rehearsal and performances.
*There will be a tech rehearsal for ONLY students who are involved in a “special” (ensembles, soloists, dancers, and Knight Lights) on Tuesday, December 12 from 3:05 – 5:45 p.m. Knight Lights will rehearse until 6:30 p.m.
*Concert tickets cost $2 and will go on sale next week in choir class. Students purchase tickets at the beginning of each choir class. Tickets may also be purchased in the NMS front office at noon or at the end of the school day. Please do not try to purchase tickets in the a.m. because the office is swamped getting students the help that they need.
*Chaperones, Locker Deco moms, and our Photographers receive two free tickets. Please let your child know which show you would like your free tickets for, and have them pick the tickets up for you in advance of the concert. We often sell out one -if not both concerts!!
*Phone moms will be making reminder calls soon. Please check the sign up genius on the choir website if you have forgotten what volunteer positions you signed up for.
*We will now begin accepting dinner donations to help pay for feeding the 400 or so kids. Please send cash or checks payable to NMS between now and December 12th.
*We sell really cool DVD’s of the Christmas Concert so save your pennies. They are $18 and have multiple camera shots to catch the kids doing their amazing performances. DVD’s can be purchased after each show.
*Kids will wear their black and white choir attire. But they will be allowed to add some “Christmas accessories” such as Santa Hats, garland, Elf ears, tree ornaments, etc. during the Finale.

The kids are working so hard and are excited to show you a Holly Jolly Christmas Program you’ll remember for years to come! So, save the date! See you soon!
Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood

Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Thank you parents for coming to our big ol’ party!  I hope you had a fantastic time.  The kids sure did!  Sorry about the lines for dinner, but hopefully it was worth the wait.  We will let you know how successful the SwingFry Fundraiser was as soon as we get the final numbers.  But in the meantime, thank you so much for lending a hand to make this year’s SwingFry a great success.  I’m so proud to live in Middlebury.  Thousands came to support the choirs in our schools.  And when I say support, I mean SUPPORT!  We had parents battering fish and chicken, waiting on tables, working the tables in the lobby for the Bake Sale and the Silent Auction.  We had people giving donations of food and money, and a wonderful audience for our children.  I hope that you could see how hard they worked for this show.  We were so very proud of all of them!  Here is a link to tons of pictures in case you need a few for your scrapbook!  Below are just a few highlights!


Thank you Mr. Yaney, these are fantastic pictures!

7th Grade Choir Fun Night was a crazy success!

The 7th Grade Choir Fun Night was a complete success.  We had about 65 kids stay and take part in the Costume Competition.  Kudo’s go out to the Stick Man, The two Loofas, Box, and Wacky Robot, Scary Scarecrow, Cute Scarecrow, Little Bo Peep,  Phantom of the Opera, the color race winner, PURPLE, IT 1 and It 2, Angel/Devil, Miranda Sings, and THE Hostage!  We enjoyed Rulli’s Pizza and fudge brownies with some pop and then had fun doing a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT!  Thus, the very crazy pictures!  Thanks mom’s and dad’s for letting us do this.  It was too fun!