Just the Guys….and…

These are some of the cool locker decorations our choir moms made for our guys.  JUST THE GUYS CONCERT is Monday!!!  ohhhh myyyyy…..you are not going to want to miss this show…..you should have seen our young men as they rehearsed (all 110) this week!  I thought their eyes were going to pop out!  They couldn’t believe what they sounded like!  You won’t believe it either!!!  Monday night the NHS Auditorium doors will open at 7:10 p.m. Free…but worth so much more.  (FYI park in the back of NHS by the pool- enter door 15.)

6th graders had a blast skating and so did we!   Thanks mom’s and dads for letting them come.  Pictures are on Facebook!

7th graders movie n pizza party is tomorrow after school.  Thank you parents for offering to send in cookies!  We should have a great time! Zootopia is the viewers choice!

8th grade lock-in is going to happen! YIKES!  5 very brave moms will be braving through the night with us.  October 28 7 pm – 8 am.  Please pray.

Swingfry updates:

Monday is your last day to get Swing Fry advance tickets.  Please send in your ticket order form (and payment) by noon on Monday.  Time is running out.  Git’r done.

Word of advice from (Grand)Mama Armington:  don’t wait much longer to find your child’s choir black and white outfit.  Every year the stores sell out and parents are running to Granger to find something.  We do collect “like new”  hand me downs.  If you would like to donate clothes or have your child hunt through our collection just let us know!

Finally, a note to our choir kids:  Look at all the things your parents are doing for YOU.  Don’t forget to say thank you!


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