What would you do when no one was looking?

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Well, they said it couldn’t be done.  They said I was crazy!  Ok, the second rumor has been proven to be true, but LOCK-IN 2016 was so so fun!  Our 8th grade girls were unbelievable.  They didn’t stop until I said “It’s 3:15 time for lights out”, a few giggles, phone texts, and within 15 minutes I heard nothing but purrs, a few snorers, and one sleep talker.  Thank you to the 4 bravest choir moms in Middlebury:  Mrs. Worland,  Mrs. Drepin, Mrs. Brewer, and Mrs. Whitaker!  They added to our fun, and held in there until the last phone light clicked off!

Here is a sneak peak!

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2 thoughts on “What would you do when no one was looking?

    • I don’t remember it as a question. Wasn’t it a suggestion or opinion? We decided to make it a parent choice. Students were allowed to go home whenever their parents wanted to pick them up. It ended up to work wonderfully! Thank you for your input!


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