We will be sending home this letter on Tuesday.  In case it doesn’t make it into your hands we thought we would send a copy to you using Santa’s Cyber Sleigh!  It has all of the Christmas Dates for our choir students, a few reminders, and one earnest plea.  (O.k. we are all out begging at this point 🙂  Click here:  christmas-parent-letter-1

And as we head towards Thanksgiving, we need to stop and say a heart felt thank you to all of you parents.  Our kids are too young to understand all that you are doing for them, but we know.  The extra trips you make when your schedule is insane anyway,  the baking of cookies after a long day at work, burning your fingers with a glue gun and sparkling your entire living room with glitter while making a ga-zillion locker decorations, trying to fit grumpy teenagers into concert clothes after going to three stores just to find a pair of black pants.   We are the ones that see their faces when they squeal with delight at the sight of a locker decoration, or give a collective satisfied sigh after being given a cookie.  We get to see them squirm with happy embarrassment when we tell them how nice they look before we walk out on stage or tell them that their practice paid off after their wonderful performance.  So, WE will thank you for all that you do to help us help your kids !  Sincerely, Mrs. Aunspecifiedg50zxgxx

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