Letter from Two of Our Choir Parents


Choir Parents, here is a letter from two of our NMS Choir parents to all of you!  -Mrs. A & Mr. N


With such a strong choir program, you may have noticed we have quite a few students in choir. This presents a challenge in managing the flow of traffic on concert nights. While the teachers are busy directing the students on stage, chaperoning the students in a tight space is a daunting task. 
This year, we would like to try some structured activities during the down time between performances for our 7th and 8th grade choirs. Our goal is to make the overall experience fun and enjoyable for all the students. We have planned a few activities–minute to win it, guess the song, weird human tricks–to help the time pass and hopefully maintain a sense of fun while reducing stress.
If you are interested in joining our brave team of volunteers, please join us. We are particularly interested in having a few dads who would enjoy mixing it with our weird and whacky middle school students. You can sign up for just one shift. If 6th grade parents want to lead similar activities, contact us. We would love to collaborate. Josi’s cell (503-888-5674) or thedehavens@gmail.com.
This is our time to show our kids and our school that “we are IN” to make their experience great!
Josi DeHaven
Heather Reser

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