NMS Choir Update

IMG_0365Dear NMS Choir Parents,
A big thank you to those of you who returned the orange info sheet we sent home with all of the choir dates for our last 9 weeks. If you never received yours you will find a copy in our last post. We need a signed copy from every parent to make sure that all of you have received these dates and times. We will be calling the parents of students who do not have these completed next week. You will help us a lot if you could make sure your son or daughter turned in their signed copy.

2ndly, we will be taking t shirt sizes for each child on Monday and Tuesday. Often the kids don’t really know what size to choose for themselves. These t shirts are in youth and adult sizes and run Youth Small to Adult XXXL.
If you would please tell them what size they should get that would be helpful! Here is the size info:

Size       length x width

YS (6-8) 22  17

YM (10-12) 23.5   18

YL (14-16) 25  19

S. 28  18

M 29 20

L 30 22

XL 31 24

2XL 32  26

3XL 33 28



**T Shirt payments are not due until April 28, but may be sent in anytime.

And finally, please remember that all conflicts for the Final Blast Rehearsals and Concerts are due no later than Friday, April 21st. Extra forms may be located on the choir website.


Have a wonderful Easter everyone!



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