Choir Beasts this week, and a few reminders….


Wowee Kazowee! These kids were the top Choir Beasts in their classes this week! A few of them are even earning the nickname “PIPES” because they’ve got such big voices and are leading their sections! These kids have been truely Llam-tastic this week! We love having their help each day! Two Hooves Up to all of them!!  (Click on our Facebook link to see their pictures!)
6th Grade: Tanisha Schlabach, Grant Carrington, Ethan Pierson
7th Grade: Ethan Dill, Sydney Nethercutt, Natalie Checkley
8th Grade: Hannah Duncan, Jerica Oglesbee

2ndly, A reminder to all of you who have signed up to chaperone.

You will need to go here —> and complete the background consent form if you haven’t already filled one out this year.  It will last for the entire year and can be used for any school functions you are helping supervise.  At the bottom you just click “Submit” and you are done.  Please try to get this completed this week.  (I’d give you a Llama-rrific sticker….but that would be difficult!)

Finally,  If you have any “gently used” choir black pants, bl6fe51195d1277885f190dae53d598d43ack skirts, white shirts, or black dress shoes that your child has grown out of, would you please donate those to our CHOIR CLOSET?  We can pass them on to students who are in need.  Thank you!


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