Pictures, pictures, pictures!

Thank you parents for coming to our big ol’ party!  I hope you had a fantastic time.  The kids sure did!  Sorry about the lines for dinner, but hopefully it was worth the wait.  We will let you know how successful the SwingFry Fundraiser was as soon as we get the final numbers.  But in the meantime, thank you so much for lending a hand to make this year’s SwingFry a great success.  I’m so proud to live in Middlebury.  Thousands came to support the choirs in our schools.  And when I say support, I mean SUPPORT!  We had parents battering fish and chicken, waiting on tables, working the tables in the lobby for the Bake Sale and the Silent Auction.  We had people giving donations of food and money, and a wonderful audience for our children.  I hope that you could see how hard they worked for this show.  We were so very proud of all of them!  Here is a link to tons of pictures in case you need a few for your scrapbook!  Below are just a few highlights!


Thank you Mr. Yaney, these are fantastic pictures!

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