Choir Parents we could use your help next weekend.  If you are already planning on attending the ISSMA performance, would you please consider riding the bus with our kids as a chaperone?  We need 2-3 more chaperones for grades 7 and 8.  It is a very simple chaperone job.  You would just need to mark students’ attendance as they board their bus,  ride over to Goshen Middle School with them and we will take it from there.  Prior to the performance our ISSMA Chaperones also get to see the “behind the scenes” things our choirs do before they perform for the judges.  You will get a chance to watch them warm up and sing for their judges.  Then after the performance we would again need you to take their attendance as they board buses and join them for their ride back to NMS.  Once you arrive back at the school we would need you to make sure that each student gets into their parent’s hands safely and then you’re done!  If you could lend a hand, would you please email Mrs. Armington asap?  We would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much!  armingtonj@mcsin-k12.orgimage

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