The Beasts are out people!  We have students who are really stepping out and leading the pack!  We’ve seen kids helping each other, showing up early and staying late to work  on their music, and staying diligent when the work doesn’t come easy.  We couldn’t be prouder!

Here are our most recent CHOIR BEASTs:

6th graders: Edythe Brown, Dante Garcia Estrada, Chaya Lynch, Madeline Stults, Ethan Pierson, Cydel Miller

7th graders: Paige Smucker, Wrigley Koch, Julia Tretheway, Aubrey Hochstetler, Ethan Dill, Emma Tapp

8th graders: Caden Mack, Ashley Penzenik, Emileigh Otto, Noah Sties, Ava Miller

THANKS KIDS!  You inspire us!!




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