Choir Weekly wrap-up!


Another great week for us in the Choir Department!  Kids are really hitting all cylinders now.  They are excited for their first show and so are we!  

Three weeks from tomorrow is our SWINGFEST FALL FUNDRAISER!  To those of you who are new to the “Choir Scene” we want to encourage you to find the concert attire as soon as you can.  Every year our parents seem to buy out every store’s collection of black and whites! If you wait to the last minute to purchase a black skirt and white long sleeved dress shirt (with collar!) you may find yourself in a pickle! 7th and 8th grade parents often donate last year’s outfits because their kids grow like weeds.  (Now accepting donations! Shoes, Shirts, Skirts, Pants) If you can’t afford a skirt/shirt etc, have your child check with us.  We may have one that fits them! Again, please don’t wait until the last minute. 🙂

The Bake Sale Committee still needs your contributions.  We received a few more after last weeks plea but we were expecting quite a few more slips.  Please review the last post to see what items are still needed.  Thanks again for your generosity.

Finally, please be aware that the last day to get advanced SwingFry Dinner and/or Show tickets will be this Wednesday.  Please send in your order form (copies under parent tab) along with payment.  Tickets are available on show day, but there are long lines and I believe they go up a $1.

Now for the best news!  Here are some pretty awesome kids who were are top Choir Beasts for this week!

6th:  Colin Mack, Korinna Whitley, Lillia Schlabach

7th:  Kenya Gilyard, Catrina Gerwells-Simons, Jovi Martin

8th Diamond Castillejo, Kalli Kauffman, Thane Stutsman

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