8th grade parent reminder:

The 8th grade lock in is quickly approaching.  If you would like your child to keep me up all night 😦  please send in your Parent Permission Slip and Fee.  I also have had “rumors” of a few mom’s who MIGHT help out, but I have to have 3 “FOR SURE’S”  or it will become an evening party instead of an all-nighter!  So, please send me an email if you would like to be one of the BRAVE FOR SURES!  (trust me, it is a lot of fun…just a lonnnnnnnnng night!)


4 thoughts on “8th grade parent reminder:

  1. Please remove this email from the group list. Landon Troyer is no longer in 7th grade choir.

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  2. I missed placed the permission slip for Jhena to attend the lock in. I give her permission to stay at the lock in.


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