8th grade lock-in photos!

What a fantastic night we had for the 8th grade LOCK-IN.  We started off with some crazy Minute To Win It games, had pizza/pop/and brownies, then made our way down to the Field House.  The kids went wild playing Hungry Hippo and were quite a hoot to watch in the Zany Relay Round!  Every time I thought they might be getting tired they came back for more!  We took our hot sweaty selves to the Choir Room for an impromptu sing a long around the piano, some line dances: Cupid Shuffle, Mani Shuffle, even the Chicken Dance! …and Dairy Queen Dilly bars to cool us off!  At 11 we waved goodbye to the guys and began making Glow in the dark Fairy Jars in the cafeteria.  The girls sat and sang songs to the radio as they painted their creations!  They did an awesome job.  Nearing 12:30 am it was time for a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.  Each team was given a list of nutty pictures to take around the school.  I will definitely share some of those on the next post!  Afterwards we constructed glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets and glasses so that we could play CAPTURE THE FLAG in the Field House.  The girls weren’t tired YET!! That led to a Round Robin through 4 20 minute games:  The beloved TRUTH OR DARE, a 21Century version of hide and seek, Fruir Salin, and then some FACE PAINTING.  At about 3:15 I told them to get ready for bed…LIGHTS OUT AT 3:30!  They were purring by 3:45!  Mission accomplished!!! Big thank yous to my trusty side kicks:  Mrs. Sheena Puckett and Mrs. Michelle Rohrer!



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