Important SwingFry Update

We are in the home stretch with only 2 weeks until our big Choral Fundraiser/ Performance! It appears that quite a few of our parents haven’t signed up for their volunteer slot yet.  We desperately need you to take time to do that so that we have enough workers for this big party!  We suggest that you sign up after your child’s performance time.  (6th 3:00, 7th 3:40, 8th 4:20 followed by a Just The Guys number at 4:40.  Knight Lights will perform at 5:40).
Go to to volunteer (pretty please!)

The Bake Sale needs a lot of volunteers to bake too!  You can volunteer by clicking the link above!

Finally we encourage you to purchase your tickets online in advance.  Paper order forms are available in the Choir room for those who do not have the internet.  Click the link above to avoid the long lines at a Swingfry.

The kids are working hard in class.  You may be hearing them sing their songs at home?  We can’t wait for you to hear the finished product.  See y’all soon!

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