Choir WILL be happening! Wahoooo!

We just wanted to put the newest info out there for all of our Choir Beasts and Band Geeks!  Choir and band will look a lot different for awhile but we still will be allowed to make music!  We want to insure the safety of our kids so quite a few measures will be implemented as we start this school year!  The main change will be space!   Singers will have at least 6 seats in the auditorium between them.  It will feel odd at first but in the long run space allows students to really hear themselves better, builds breath support, and strengthens ones voice.  So we are excited to see how these challenges will build our choirs to even more GREATNESS!! Choir will be meeting every other day.  This will give kids an opportunity to be in both band and choir or try a different elective.   We will also be featuring some of the Final Blast music we missed last year.  All in all this could get exciting!  So hold on to your hats and get ready for a bumpy but fun year!  We can’t wait to see you!!  Mamma A and Mr. N498D0BB1-7CA6-4D53-B833-086A5A3366A5

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