SwingFry our first concert!!

We are one month from our first Choir Concert! (gasp, taking deep breath). We will be sending you many details in the next week, but in case the concert is not on your family calendar it will take place on Saturday, November 13th. Times will be announced soon! Each choir will sing throughout the afternoon on their own.

All conflicts will need to be turned in by Oct. 22. Slips are available in the choir room or on the choir website.

One thing you may want to get started on is shopping for the choir concert outfits. For boys they will need the following: black pants, black shoes (tennis shoes are fine), white dress shirts that are long sleeved and button down from the collar. (see picture)

The girls will need: Black knee length skirt, white blouse that is long sleeved and buttons down from the collar, and black shoes. (see pic)

Here are a few pics to give you an idea of what our students wear at concerts!

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