Swingfry sucess!

Thank you parents and students for supporting our Choral program at NMS AND NHS! What a fantastic turnout we had. We appreciate all you did to make this year’s Swingfry a success. We asked for volunteers and so many of you stepped up and helped out. Thank you to those who worked the kitchen or dining room, sold tickets, ushered, coat checked, or worked anywhere needed. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you to our own volunteers who made each class feel special with cool locker decorations. Thank you to our fearless chaperones who tried to manage some very hyped up middle schoolers! We really appreciated those of you who stepped in at the last minute to lend a hand. Our kids were very grateful for the treats and water you sent in for dress rehearsal. The students made us so proud in their performances. They worked very hard on their songs and were beyond excited to perform for all of you! We will be posting pictures as they come in from our volunteer photographers. Check our facebook page for most of them but here are a few of Knight Lights that I got a chance to take. Again we appreciate you all so much! I love working in Middlebury schools! Parent support is the best!

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