Plea for help!

Ok you can’t see me but I’m on my knees right now! We have quite a few holes in the volunteer positions for NEXT SATURDAY’S CONCERT! Yikes! Below is a list per grade of what is missing. Big shout out to 6th grade patents for filling almost all their positions. But these empty slots can be a bit dangerous if they aren’t covered. Chaperoning isn’t bad when there’s enough adults watching the kids. Dinner crew really helps maintain order when 270 excited Middle Schoolers are eating dinner! Without those parents it can get ugly!!

So please look these over and sign up on signup genius if you are willing to lend a hand! Or you can just email me, call me, or hunt me down!!! Thanks again, Mrs. Armington!

6th grade needs the following:

Dinner crew -4

Show 2 Chaperones -2

Box office for show 2 -1

Usher for show 2- 4

7th grade needs the following:

Tear Down crew-2

Chaperones for show 1 -2

Chaperones for show 2 -1

ushers Show 1 -3

8th grade needs the following:

Dress Rehearsal Chaperones -2

Concert 1 Chaperones – 2

Concert 2 Chaperones -2

Photographer show 1 -1

Photographer show 2 -1

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