Final Christmas Info

Below you will find the letter we sent home today 🙂

2ndly, Thank you for your generous donations. We are still short about $800. If you haven’t already donated for the dinner, please consider helping us out. This meal will feed all of our students. Thank you again.

Dear Choir Parent

Here is a review of what is coming in the next few days.  First, tickets are on sale in the choir room for $3.  You can also get them at the door, but there will be a line at the box office.  It is open seating so you may want to come a bit early to get the seat of your choice!  Doors will open at 3:45 for show 1 and 5:45 for show 2.  Some parents want to watch both shows (because we are so good!) 🙂 Other parents like to watch one show and then leave for the next show.  Just be sure your child knows what door you will be picking them up at.  Door 15 will have a lot of traffic so you may want to pick them up at door 21 (band parking lot), or Door 1 (front of school).   The second show should end around 8:15 p.m.

Dress rehearsal is tomorrow and will run until 5:45 for choirs, and 6:30 for Show choir.  

6th graders get picked up at door 15, 7th graders get picked up at door 1, and 8th graders get picked up at door 21.  Please be on time…we are beat at the end of rehearsal and really want to get home. 🙂

Saturday students should come in their black and whites.  Their call time is 4 p.m.  They should report to their homerooms (6th band room) (7 & 8 choir room) dressed and ready by that time.

We will be serving a subway meal in between shows.  

I think that covers everything.  We can’t wait to perform for you! Mrs. A and Mr. N

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