Just The Guys info

Dear Parents (of Choir Boys),                                                                                                      9/19/22

On the choir calendar you see that the Just the Guys Event is coming up on Thursday, October 6.  This will no longer be our JTG’s Concert it will be a party and rehearsal time for all of our boys and the high school guys to get together to practice for Swing Fry (Sat.  November 12).  The boys will ride buses over to the high school at 3:45 and stay from 4- 5:30.  Please plan on picking your child up at 5:30 and no later.  That will help us a lot.  We will have pizza, pop, and dessert for them and play some mixer games together then rehearse on stage our two Swingfry numbers.   This is a mandatory event for all boys.   

We are adding a JtG’s Concert into our schedule.  It will take place in early February.  We are still working on the date so I’ll have to pass that on to you at a later time.  Please check the choir website for updates on that show.

                                                                      Sincerely, Mrs. Armington

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