Thank you parents! Many have gone to the SignUpGenius tab and have signed up for something. Some have signed up for many things! 🙂 Below are the areas that are still uncovered. If you haven’t had a chance, please sign up. Thanks, Mrs. A

6th grade almost every thing is covered!!

2 ushers show 1 2 Ushers Show 2

Dinner crew 4

Tear Down crew 2

7th Grade

Ushers show 1 and 2 need 4 ushers

Dinner Crew 1

Tear Down -2

Photographer -1

Show 1 Chaperone – 1

8th Grade

Ushers show 1 and 2 need 4 Ushers!!!!

Dinner Crew – 6

Concert Chaperone Show 1 – need one, Show 2 – need 1

2 Dress Rehearsa Chaperes

4 Waters

Update on how things are going…

Tickets are on sale in the choir room ($3)

Dinner Donations are coming in! 🙂 thanx

Songs are singable but not memorized completely.

Costumes are pulled for all specials! (We have 177 students participating in an extra special way)

Stage will be set next week, video productions will be setting up next week, and we are rehearsig with our accompanist!

We’re pressing on to our goal. We want all of you feeling the “Christmas Spirit” when you leave our shows!

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