ISSMA Update and Results

This last weekend we had a group of students go to Fairfield High School for ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest. What a day we had! Our kids really wowed the judges in their poise, vocal skills, and overall performances. We took about 60 students and walked away with about 60 Gold Medals. Not one student received a 2nd place silver medal. Yes you read that right! Not one!

Here is a list of our Gold Medalists in the Solo and Ensemble Category!

Phinnigan Khamsourivong – Perfect Score

Avery Wilson – Perfect Score

Darnell Slabach

Ella Rasler

Alexis Preziosio

Katelyn Snyder

Evie Hunsberger

Avery Wilson – Piano

Briene Bemis

Oliver Abbs

Miki Bland

Addison Gunter

Jessica Dill

Lilly Streeter

Brooke Miller

Maddie Rink

Darion Miller

Aviendha Mitschelen

Lola Whitley

Alayna Lutton

6th Grade Ensemble: Mason Kerns, Brielle Oakes, Liam Wollschlager, Yaretzi Avelino, Carter White, Ella Fradenburg,

Avery Wilson, Emma Dickison, Annie Miller, Hanna Ellett, Kaden Clemmer, Oliver Abbs, David Doroshenko, Kinslee Miller,

Adelynn Pontius, Abraham Alvarez.

7th/8th Grade Ensemble: Tabetha Lucas, Alexis Preziosio, Taylor Pires, Maddie McKim, Molly Miller, Audrey Deisinger,

Katelyn Snyder, Briene Bemis, Riley Catalano, Sophia Bromley, Alayna Lutton, Skyy Hood, Avi Mitschelen, Briley Mahler,

Isabella Barron, Miki Bland, Elliott Hoard, Ayvah Brown, Kyaira Underwood, Alina Doroshenko

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