1. Please scroll down in the last post to remind yourselves of the bus boarding,and performance times for next Saturday.
  2. We did find a few more chaperones for 7th grade but do not have anyone to take pictures of the rehearsal and performance next Sat. If you’d take some pics for us just let me know.
  3. The kids are working so hard and things are coming together well. We hope that you will see real growth in their voices and stage presence since Christmas!
  4. Phone moms will be making Reminder Calls this weekend.
  5. See you soon! Mrs. Armington

7 thoughts on “ISSMA

  1. MS.Armington, my husband is a photographer and can take pictures on Saturday. Our son Landon is in the 7th grade choir. Thanks, Stephanie Swathwood


    • Oh no, I knew it wasn’t open to the public. I was just asking so I know if I need to pick Asher up later than normal, and to make sure we have his dress clothes ready for him to wear to school. 😉 So they’ll still be ready to leave the school at the normal time in the afternoon?


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