Beast Alert! and other tidbits!

Just a few reminders of the dates coming our way:  Please remember that ISSMA Choir Contest (Goshen Middle School) will be taking place in 3 weeks.  Saturday March 16 buses will be picking up the choirs here at NMS and bringing them over to Goshen Middle School to perform for the judges.  This is a mandatory performance for this 9 weeks.   Times and other details will be announced next week when we receive them from the ISSMA State office.

There is a chaperone shortage for ISSMA buses.  If you are going to watch your child anyway, please consider helping out by traveling on the bus over to Goshen Middle School and back to NMS.  Please fill the slots left in Sign Up Genius.


The Choir Beasts have definitely been coming out of the wood work as we are gearing up for ISSMA Contest!  These kids have been fantastic leaders in their sections and have been so helpful in their choir classes!  Great job kids!

6th:  Makayla Baldwin, Nathaniel Yoder, Laura Wang, Chayden Downing

7th:  Anna Mansfield, Rebecca Houck, Zech Hunt, Kya Miller, Megan Frey

8th: Ethan Dill, Sabrina Camarillo, Jhena Burkhead, Jake Cushwa, Chelsea Hickman, Myah Templeton.

8th grade lock-in photos!

What a fantastic night we had for the 8th grade LOCK-IN.  We started off with some crazy Minute To Win It games, had pizza/pop/and brownies, then made our way down to the Field House.  The kids went wild playing Hungry Hippo and were quite a hoot to watch in the Zany Relay Round!  Every time I thought they might be getting tired they came back for more!  We took our hot sweaty selves to the Choir Room for an impromptu sing a long around the piano, some line dances: Cupid Shuffle, Mani Shuffle, even the Chicken Dance! …and Dairy Queen Dilly bars to cool us off!  At 11 we waved goodbye to the guys and began making Glow in the dark Fairy Jars in the cafeteria.  The girls sat and sang songs to the radio as they painted their creations!  They did an awesome job.  Nearing 12:30 am it was time for a PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT.  Each team was given a list of nutty pictures to take around the school.  I will definitely share some of those on the next post!  Afterwards we constructed glow in the dark necklaces, bracelets and glasses so that we could play CAPTURE THE FLAG in the Field House.  The girls weren’t tired YET!! That led to a Round Robin through 4 20 minute games:  The beloved TRUTH OR DARE, a 21Century version of hide and seek, Fruir Salin, and then some FACE PAINTING.  At about 3:15 I told them to get ready for bed…LIGHTS OUT AT 3:30!  They were purring by 3:45!  Mission accomplished!!! Big thank yous to my trusty side kicks:  Mrs. Sheena Puckett and Mrs. Michelle Rohrer!



ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Results and Photos!

I’ll blame Jack Frost and his frosty days last week for these taking so long to get to you!:( We had an amazing day at ISSMA Solo and Ensemble two Saturdays ago! With over 60+ students taking either a solo or an ensemble, our kids walked away with 62 Gold and 4 Silver Medals! OUTSTANDING! We are so blessed to teach such great and talented kids! Awesome job to everyone!

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Midterm Progress Announcement

Parents we gave these announcements to all of our classes on Friday.  We wanted  you to be aware that our students have these opportunities to help their grades despite not turning things in on time, or not doing their work at all.  Sometimes they don’t always want to take opportunities we give them 😦  so we thought YOU might like to know about them – in case YOU would like to “inspire” your child to take advantage of them before it’s too late!

Here they are …in case your child’s Choir grade could use a little help!  Good luck!

Midterm progress reports are due Thursday, February 7th.

Many of your grades are NOT PRETTY AT ALL!

To help them we will allow a few things that we DON’T NORMALLY ALLOW!


  • If you have been absent at all this 9 weeks and haven’t done your make up assignment, you may do it for full credit.  BUT THE DEADLINE IS WEDNESDAY 8:30 A.M. AFTER THAT THE “GRACE PERIOD” IS OVER!
  • If you have a missing E-Learning Day Assignment this 9 weeks, you may turn it in for partial credit IF IT IS TURNED IN BY THE DEADLINE WEDNESDAY AT 8:30 A.M. AFTER THAT THE “GRACE PERIOD” IS OVER!     No other assignments will be accepted.
  • If you are missing an assignment you may turn it in before the deadline too!    7th:  Tiger Assignments    8th:  Compound Time Signature stapled packet.   



TEST RETAKES will be Tuesday for 6,7 and 8th grade! If you did very poorly on the test you may retake it during Raft. You must have a raft pass from us to come at 3:20  You can use Kahoot or Quizizz to review for your tests.  We hav also posted fun review games in Google Classroom under the heading “Sparetime Shinanigans!”  

We urge  you to take advantage of these once in a lifetime opportunities!!




8th grade parent reminder:

The 8th grade lock in is quickly approaching.  If you would like your child to keep me up all night 😦  please send in your Parent Permission Slip and Fee.  I also have had “rumors” of a few mom’s who MIGHT help out, but I have to have 3 “FOR SURE’S”  or it will become an evening party instead of an all-nighter!  So, please send me an email if you would like to be one of the BRAVE FOR SURES!  (trust me, it is a lot of fun…just a lonnnnnnnnng night!)


NHS Musical this weekend!

Whether you’ve lived it or just heard about it, everyone knows the 80s and all the crazy toys, games, hair styles, and fantastic music. This weekend the music and theater programs are presenting the musical Back to the 80’s. Come join the class of 1985 of William Ocean High School as they re-live their senior year and all the great moments we all remember from high school.

Performances are Saturday @ 7:00 and Sunday @ 2:00 in the Northridge auditorium. Tickets are $10 each and can be purchases online at

Hope to see you this weekend as we go Back to the 80s.

Ellen Augustine, Ph. D.