Top Choir Beasts for 9/9-9/20

We have had some unbelievable Choir Beasts in the last two weeks.  These students really stood out among their peers.  Congratulations kids!

6th Grade:  Jaden Fisher, Alexis Tackman, Stella Judd, Ana Zmuda, Laynee Budreau Tristan Juroff.

7th Grade:  Lauren Halberg, Erica Dorbin, Nick Messina, Olivia Wilburn, Bri Cass, Cayden Smith.

8th Grade:  Jenna Fortin, Nicholas Beaver, Reagan Stephens, Chaya Lynch, Kayleigh Otto, Jacob Sheridan.

Top Choir Beasts for Week 1 and 2 in Choir!

Each week we select kids that stand out among their peers as “Top Choir Beasts” in their Choir Class.  We look for kids that are totally engaged with what is happening in class.  They are on the edge of their seats, singing their hearts out, helping those around them, listening,  and asking or answering questions each day.  Here are the “Top Beasts” for weeks 1 and 2.  What a great start to the year!

6th Grade: Madison Denaway, Malachi Schalow, Ashley Coil, Noah Troyer,               Precious Soipan, Lidea Shell.

7th Grade: Jacob Bache, Allison Enfield, Carmen Cochran, Cohen Faulkner, Emalee Straw, Madison Little.

8th Grade:  Kennedy Troyer, Lauren Berger, Jovi Martin, Trinity Hudnall, Natalie Lane, Josh Miller.

Week 1….and we’re off!

As of today we have vocal tested each student and have assigned parts for each of our 6 choirs (Soprano, Alto, Baritone)!  Each group is doing part singing already!  Here is a glimpse of our Ladies 6th grade Chorus singing a fun round called “I Love The Mountains”.  Enjoy!

We also held auditions for the Knight Light Show Choir.  Interested 7th and 8th graders submitted a vocal recording, and danced in the choreography auditions on Thursday.  Out of over 120 auditions, 35 students were selected.   Here is the list of Knight Lights 2019-20  –>  Knight Lights Cast List 2019_2020


Voice Lessons

🎶 Still a few open spots for Voice Lessons in Pd 1, 5, 6, 7 🤩 Lessons start this week! Email to reserve a spot! ⭐

We offer voice lessons from Mrs. Mary Norwood during class time.  There are a few slots left.  First come first served!  Get’em while you can!

Great kick-off to the 2019-20 school year!

We have had a terrific start to the school year.  On the first day we passed out the choir handbook and explained what slips needed to be returned.  If you never received your copy, here is one just for you!  Click here —> NMS Choral Handbook 2019-2020 The last six pages were “homework for parents”.  The volunteer and choir commitment forms are due Friday, August 16th.  The last 2 pages (Choir Fee form) won’t be due until August 30th.  If you would please sign those pages, that would be very helpful to us.