High school auditions for 8th graders!

Shhhhh Top Secret:  8th grade Choir Parents will you encourage your kids to go the extra mile and complete the audition recordings for show choir next year?  A lot of self doubt keeps our students from trying!  Usually we bug the heck out of them personally and remind them that they ARE good enough, smart enough, and talented enough to do this, but we can’t get to them like you can!  Making the recording takes time and effort…which doesn’t come naturally to middle school kids, so a little prodding from you will help them!  Instructions can be found on this feed or in their Google Classroom.  These are due Thursday so if you accept this secret mission you better get to work!!!!!  Thanks for your help!

Karaoke Competition!!

This is an optional assignment for our choir students.  We have a lot of stars and are hoping to see many video entries.  There is a deadline so please pass this on to your child for us.

Here are the rules:

1. Select a song that is OBVIOUSLY school appropriate! With or without accompaniment.
2. Find the best minute and 30 seconds in the song that will show off your voice.
3. Practice like crazy!
4. Make a video of yourself performing the song. Video creativity is a plus!
41/2. There are no other rules so be creative!
5. Attach the video to the assignment in Google Classroom and submit it by April 13.

The top videos will be put out for friends and family to see on the choir website and Facebook. Positive comments by your adoring fans will influence the final decision by two highly qualified mystery judges. No negative comments will be approved for posting.

Results will be announced by  April 17th. First second and third place winners will receive a $25 iTunes gift card!

Top Choir Beast “Catch up”

We have been very neglectful in posting our top choir beasts! Our apologies!!  These kids are real stand outs in their choirs. We are so grateful for their hard work, great attitudes, and leadership.  Great job kids!

6th Grade:  Jayden Templeton, Ashlen Buczkowski, Glen WoodsReese Wise, Madilyn Yoder, Derek Zapata, Tenille Wogoman, Keaton Piercy, Sarah Rogers.

7th Grade:  Mackinley Rickly, Alexis Cardona, Halle Ganger, Addison Frederickson, Chloe Breniser, Bailey Padgett, Kaitlyn Zimmer, Natalie Beaver, Seth Miller.

8th Grade:  Trinity Chaffee, Anna Mansfield, Jovi Martin, Shyla Rusinko, Iliena Bauta, Logan Smith, Jordyn Wiltrout, Logan Bontrager, Brianna Gilbert.


Thank you

Thanks parents for stepping up and volunteering.  We have all volunteer shifts covered.  The only area we are short in is the clean up crew.  These are people who stay after the show and help us pack up, take down decorations, and load boxes of costumes and props.  If you would be able to help help out in that way, please sign up on signup genius or shoot us an email.  Thanks!  PS Donations are beginning to trickle in but we are a far cry from the $1500 mark.  PSS Tickets are here!  They will go on sale Monday for $2.00.  We will sell them in class.  Just remember to tell your child what show to buy them for:  4:30 or 7:00 p.m.  HO HO HO!  See you soon!16ca2bae2b2960fb2f85bc961b869b1e


We sent home a parent letter Monday that listed the volunteer positions that desperately need to be filled for next week’s concert.  Unfortunately we have had only one reply.  Parents we need chaperones for all 3 grades during both shows!!! This has never happened.  If we don’t have chaperones then the kids will have to sit with you in the audience until it is time for them to sing.   That would be very disruptive to the show.  We can’t leave them unsupervised while we are on stage directing.  Please considering helping out for one show.  The openings are listed under the SignUp Genius tab on this page.   Most of you will be at one show anyway.  What’s one more hour?  Think about it and sign up asap.  Thanks again.   Signed “2 trembling directors”

8th Grade Choir Parents

We need two additional chaperones for Saturday.  We would need you from 3:40 – 4:40.  You will be able to watch your child perform, but we just need backstage help.  If you are able to lend a hand please send Mrs. Armington an email asap.  armingtonj@mcsin-k12.org.   Thanks in advance!!