Just in from Music Boosters MMPA

I just received this note from them. It will help you know where the needs are:

Could you send out another plea for help for Swing Fry volunteers?  This is a summary of what slots are available (and this isn’t a complete list…just the most urgent).

Thank you!

-AmberBefore the event (12p – 2p)

Breading fish – 14 slots available

Food prep/cut pies – 10 slots available

End of event

Clean up crew – 12 slots available

Kitchen clean up – 3 slots available

During the event

6:30p – 8:30p HHHEELLPP!!!!

Usher – 6 available

Ticket Sales – 4 slots available

Kitchen helper/serving line – 5 slots available

Dining Room Helper – 10 slots available

Dessert Server – 4 slots available

Carry fish/chicken trays – 4 slots available

Make Coffee – 4 slots available

Silent Auction – 3 slots available

Hospitality/Hall Monitor – 3 slots available

4:30p – 6:30p

Dining Room Helper  – 8 slots available

Carry fish/chicken trays – 3 slots available

Make Coffee – 4 slots available

Hospitality/Hall Monitor – 3 slots available

Information/volunteer check in – 2 slots availableSilent Auction – 4 slots available

2:30p – 4:30p 

Dining Room Helper – 7 slots availableHospitality/Hall Monitor – 3 slots available

Emergency Update on Swingfry

I just met with our Music Booster committee *MMPA and they expressed some serious needs as far as SwingFry. We are one week away from this shindig, and we are really missing Middle School parents on the volunteer sign up. The high school parents are doing a great job filling the afternoon shifts so that you can watch your kids perform. The late afternoon and evening shifts are considered the Middle School parent’s job to cover so that high school parents can watch their kids perform. Unfortunately there are many unfilled volunteer positions to cover in our time slots. Parents, I have tried to express how important it is for every choir parent to pitch in with SwingFry. I know some of you are new to this event, but please sign up to help anyway. All jobs are very easy and only last for 1 or 2 hours (we’ve even heard that the chicken and fish battering is really fun😉). We know that there will always be somebody who just can’t help for some reason or another but the majority of you should be able to give your time to make this Fundraiser a success.

Another area that we are slacking on is the bake sale. We need at least 100 more pies (fruit please), brownies, cookies, cakes, etc. Your baking will be a way for giving money to our fundraiser. Let’s make this the biggest bake sale we’ve ever had.

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to take the time to sign up for both of those areas. To do so, just go up to the parent info tab and scroll down to SwingFry Volunteers or Bake Sale and select your job and time slot. You can do this!! Much appreciated!!

What should my kid wear next Saturday?

Boys: Black pants and shoes (black tennis shoes are o.k.), white long sleeved dress shirt with a collar. We will give them a clip on tie!

The finished product!

Just kidding!!

Girls: Long sleeved button down the front blouse with a collar, black knee length or longer skirt, black shoes. No hose necessary.

7th Grade choir parents

I neglected to put on volunteers for sending in treats for next Thursday’s dress rehearsal. We need 6 people to drop of 48 “non nut” treats next Thursday, Nov. 10th in the morning. You can have your child bring them in. If you’d be so kind, we’d appreciate a few more parents to send in treats. Sorry for my mistake. I thought we had everything covered! Just go to the Sgn up Genius 7th grade tab and scroll down. You will find them about 5 -6 volunteer positions down. Thanks so much!

Info coming your way!

Choir Parents this is a confusing time of year because we have two different signups for volunteers. (please keep reading) The first one is the one we put out at the beginning of the year on the sign up genius tab. This one covers our own personal needs such as chaperones, photographers, phone moms, locker decorations, etc. Every choir parent is asked (with a pretty please and a cherry on top) to sign up for 1 or 2 spots on the yearly concert schedule. The second sign up is the Swing Fry Volunteer list. Each choir parent per home is asked to sign up for a shift or two for this huge event. There are also areas you can support the fundraiser such as the bake sale, silent auction, or ad sales. To volunteer for the Swingfry event you should go to the parent info tab on this website. (Keep reading please)

Currently we are short volunteers on the signup genius list in the following areas:

6th grade all filled!!! But we still need balcony chaperones in the 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 p.m. slots. This is a easy job. You watch over our students in the high school balcony monitoring their behavior. Detention slips will be available to hand to misbehaving students. (You may skip to the last two paragraphs. 🙂

7th grade is looking good, but scary in the area of dress rehearsal chaperones. We need 4 more! Yikes. Pease help out. Details are on sign up genius. We also still need balcony chaperones in the 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 p.m. slots. This is a easy job. You watch over our students in the high school balcony monitoring their behavior. Detention slips will be available to hand to misbehaving students. (You may skip to the last two paragraphs. 🙂

8th grade has their slots full except we need 1 person to do locker decorations. We also still need balcony chaperones in the 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 p.m. slots. This is a easy job. You watch over our students in the high school balcony monitoring their behavior. Detention slips will be available to hand to misbehaving students. (keep reading)

On the SwingFry Volunteer signup we are slowly getting people to fill spots. This event is a fundraiser for our choral program. There will be 4000+ people throughout the afternoon coming to eat and watch our performances. That is why we ask every single choir parent to sign up for one or more positions on the parent info tab. I am seeing some of your names on the list but not all. Please let’s all lend a hand for this important fund raiser!

Would you please take the time to sign up as soon as possible? That would settle your poor director’s pulse down!

Two More things!

Please make sure that when you sign up for SwingFry Volunteer Positions that you don’t sign up under sign up genius. It is under the Parent Forms and info tab.

Secondly we still need at least 5 more men to help move risers during our shows. If you can help please email me. armingtonj@mcsin-k12.org

Calling all “manly men”!!

Our very first concert is coming up on Saturday, Nov. 12. It will begin at 3:00 p.m. We need dads to help move dance risers as a team from 3:00 p.m. – 5:45 p.m. on the NHS stage. If we could get a group of 10 I think that should be enough. Will you please email me at armingtonj@mcsin-k12.org and let me know if you are available. Our kids will all be singing from 3:45 – 6 in different time slots. You will get to see their performance from stage or the side wings if you prefer! This would also get you a free ticket for all shows. Let me know! We need you! Mrs. Armington

Just the Guys Event

Monday we are sending home the final details on the JTG event. In case you haven’t received the other posts here is the low-down!
JTG is a mandatory event for only boys in choir. They will be meeting the high school guys to rehearse for the Swing Fry Concert in November. The event takes place from 3:45 until 5:30pm. A change in venue has happened. We will be meeting at NMS not NHS! So please plan on picking them up in tha back parking lot no later than 5:30 pm. I need you on time because my dog Remi doesn’t like it when I’m late!😝

During this event the boys will be fed Pizza,pop, and brownies. We need at least 2-3 parents to help serve and clean up. These parents will get a chance to hear the young men practicing on stage! They would need to be at NMS (choir and band hallway) by 4:00 One may have to go get the Pizzas from Pizza Hut. Please send me an email if you’d like to help. It should be fun watching the big guys with our littler ones! Thanks for your help in making this happen. It ends up being an unforgettable moment for our boys!