Parent Letter Sent Home 8/16

Singing Heads


Dear Choir Parents,                                                                                                                             8/16/16

We have gotten off to a great start this year.  At least 90% of the choir commitment and volunteer forms were turned in.  Thank you so much!  If we didn’t receive the blue and gold forms back from you we will give you a call this weekend to see what has happened to them.

Many of you have taken the time to go the website to “follow” our postings.  This will help you so much this year.  If you haven’t had time to do this it is very simple.  Just go to the website, look in the right corner and enter your email address.  Then, push “Follow”.  An email will be sent to you to confirm.  Once you confirm the email you will be receiving everything we send home directly to your mailbox.  No more frustrations with hearing the night before “oh, we have a concert tomorrow!”

The use of Sign Up Genius on the website has been so helpful to us.  We are currently taking the handwritten volunteer forms and adding them to those who registered on line. We should have a final list of this year’s volunteers in about a week.  A final copy will be posted on the website and reminders will be sent to you a few weeks before your help will be needed.

The last order of business to have this year up and running is the annual Green Carpet Gala.  This is hosted by the Northridge High School Choral Department next Tuesday night in their auditorium at 7:00 p.m.  We really don’t hold meetings throughout the year for our parents because our activities are not as complex as the high school choir’s schedule.  But, we do ask parents to join us for this one meeting.  During the meeting a general introduction to the choral programs at NHS and NMS is given and then parents divide up so that we can focus on Middle School needs while they focus on their high school needs.  In our smaller meeting we discuss what is needed from our volunteers, financial concerns, decisions that affect parents such as after school activities, fundraising, and behind the scenes set and stage work. Mr. Norwood will also meet with all of the new Knight Light Show Choir parents to discuss costuming, fees, and rehearsal schedules. The biggest topic to cover will be the Annual Swing Fry Fundraiser and Concert day information.  All of our choirs perform their first time for this big community event.  This huge dinner & show requires a lot of hands to pull off successfully.  Packets will be handed out for all choir parents including ticket order forms, bake sale donations, silent auction donations, volunteer positions, and advertising.

The Green Carpet Gala meeting lasts less than an hour, but it is much easier to explain things for our parents when we meet in person.  You may also ask any questions you have about the things we are doing in the NMS Choral Program.

Thank you parents for sharing your children with us.  We are enjoying them so much!  This will be a fun year filled with learning, laughter, and SINGING!

Sincerely, Mrs. Armington and Mr. Norwood

2 thoughts on “Parent Letter Sent Home 8/16

  1. So the meeting is next Tuesday at seven…. I’m the auditorium at the high school?? On Aug 18, 2016 3:28 PM, “Northridge Middle School Choirs” wrote:

    > Mr. Norwood posted: ” Dear Choir Parent, > > 8/16/16 We have gotten off to > a great start this year. At least 90% of the choir commitment and vol” >


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