2016-2017 Knight Lights Cast List


2016-2017 Knight Lights Show Choir
Kora Beasley
Alexis Bensoussan
Hayley Bigler
Rebecca Brewer
Abigail Checkley
Taylin Cress
Meredith Dorbin
Hannah Duncan
Aniston Fogle
Cleo Kirkton
Rose Knowles
AnnaMarie Laughlin
Megan Martin
Morgan Miller
Makena Mount
Morgan Roan
Jenifer Robinson
Emma Yaney
Sophia Yoder

Terry Bloss
Matthew Coil
Josiah Cross
Kyle Deal
Tyler Frazier
Nathan Gibson
Nicholas Gorden
Ethan Huffman
Caden Mack
Jonathan Schaaf
Jake Stachel
Drew Stahly
Carter Unrein

One thought on “2016-2017 Knight Lights Cast List

  1. So proud of all of our kids! 80 students tried out. I would never have sung or danced for an audition at their age! They were all so brave! Mr. N and I were floored by the talent we watched this week. Trying to cut 50 deserving kids is heart breaking. Mr. N lost a lot of sleep making this decision but what a great team this will be. Congratulations to our new KL group. And for those who didn’t make it, heads up! You will have a lot of opportunities for special roles this year!!!


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