Parent Volunteer Lists have been updated!





Well you’ve outdone yourselves!  What a great turn out we have had for parent volunteers this year!!  About half of you signed up using Signup Genius.  The other half turned in their blue forms after circling the areas they would like to help out.  This weekend we put in those requests according to what you have circled.  Those of you with email should have received a notice stating that Mrs. A has added your request to the Parent Volunteer List.

We suggest that you double check our work.  Out of the hundreds we entered we are sure to have overlooked duplicating people, making a few typos, and as the blur of midnight came upon us….who knows where you ended up.  Just kidding.  We did our best, but we really don’t want to put you in an incorrect spot.  Just let us know and we can make changes!

Many of you volunteered to help send in funds for the Christmas Dinner or Treats.  You have been added as well.  We have a few more to add to that list but we should be done with that shortly.  Thank you for your generosity.  The kids LOVE THEIR SUBWAY DINNER!

If you can’t find your name anywhere it is because we had no spot for you at this time.  If you look below you will find the areas that are still needing volunteers.  Please go to signupgenius and fill the slots that are calling your name.

Here is a synopsis of what we’ve accomplished so far:

6th Grade Parent Volunteers ARE IN THE LEAD!!!  They had 111 slots to fill.  1o0 are filled at this time! (90.09%) Wahoooooo!  These are available:

2 Dress Rehearsal Chaperones 12/14

3 Men’s Tear Down Crew 12/15

2 Ladies Tear Down Crew 12/15

2 Ushers 12/15 for Show 1 and 2 Ushers 12/15 for Show 2


7th Grade parents….are picking up steam…but just not quite where we need you to be.

They had 121 slots to fill, 87 are filled, 34 crucial spots are still open.

We need the following:

4 Dress Rehearsal Chaperones for 11/3

4 Dress Rehearsal Chaperones for 12/14

2 Men for Tear down crew 12/15

2 Ladies for Tear down 12/15

3 Concert 1 Chaperones (yikes) and 2 Concert 2 Chaperones for 12/15

1 Concert 1 Usher and 1 Concert 2 Usher

4 Dinner Crew 12/15


8th Grade Parents are in 2nd place but you know how important these slots are….get’r’done!  You had 111 slots, 83 are filled, 28 remain.

We need:

Photographers!!  10/17, 11/5, 12/15 Concert 1 and 12/15 Concert 2

10/17 Just the Guys Chaperone – 1

12/14 Dress Rehearsal Chaperones – 3

12/15 Men’s tear down crew – 3

12/15 Women’s tear down – 2

12/15 Concert 1 Chaperone – 3 (come on people, don’t leave me hangin’ here!!  yikes)

Thank you everyone!  We will be discussing these jobs, and much more in tomorrow night’s meeting.  Remember:  Tuesday, Green Carpet Gala, Choir Parent Meeting will take place at NHS  (NOT NMS) in the big auditorium!  Meeting will run 7-8 p.m.  Please come if you can.  Sincerely, Mrs. A and Mr. N

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