Choir Fees are due Wednesday, 8/31

This is just a reminder to all choir parents that the $25 Choir Fee and green form are due this Wednesday.    Many parents have already turned in the green form with the $25 dollar choir fee to cover their child’s music, etc. for the year.  But if you haven’t, we’ve attached a copy of the choir fee form so that you can print it out and send it in.   You may mark your need for additional time to raise the funds, or enclose your payment of $25 in cash or checks payable to NMS.  Here is a copy of the green form in case you would like a new one.   Thanks for taking care of this obligation as soon as you can.  Sincerely, Mrs. Armington

*All choir parents should complete this form and return it by Tuesday, August 30.  If you are unable to pay the choir fee by August 30th please complete the first section listed below and submit this form in place of your fee.

 Parent Signature ____________________________________

Student Name ___________________________________ Period _______  Grade: ___

 ____I need additional time.  (Please write a note below indicating your needs and when payment will be completed.)




Parent Signature ____________________________________

 ____I am enclosing the choir fee payment of $25 for my child.

 Student Name ___________________________________ Period _______  Grade: ___

Place the check or cash in an envelope with the student’s name on the front.  (Envelopes are also available in the choir room).

Check # ___________________     Cash enclosed _______ 



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