SwingFry Performance Times

Dear Choir Parents,                                                                                                       September 6, 2016

Many of you are signing up for the SwingFry volunteer positions.  THANK YOU!  We want to remind you of a few things to remember as you sign up for a time slot.  First, make sure you don’t sign up to help when your child is scheduled to sing.  Below is the list of performance times for that day.  (Please notice that the boys will sing a second time during the “Just the Guys” set at 4:40 p.m.)

Secondly, it is important for our Middle School Choir parents to cover the later shifts so that the high school parents can see their kids perform.

Finally, don’t forget to use Signup Genius to sign up for your slot.  It is easy!  Click on the Signup Genius Tab right here on this website, scroll down until you find the Fishy and click!  Then before your very eyes you will see all of the choices, times, and locations volunteers are needed.  Reminders and need to know information will come directly to your inbox!

Thanks again, for helping support our choirs.  Sincerely, Mrs. Armington…no pictures this time!! 🙂

2016 Swingfry Schedule

  • 3:00- 6th Grade Choir

  • 3:20- Radiance

  • 3:40- 7th Grade Choir

  • 4:00- Chamber Lights

  • 4:20- 8th Grade Choir

  • 4:40-  Varsity Lights and All Men’s Choir (grades 6-12)

  • 5:05- Starlights Concert Choir

  • 5:25- Lyric Lights

  • 5:40- Dinner Break

  • 6:30- Knight Lights

  • 6:50- Fairfield Expressions

  • 7:10- Northridge Starlights

  • 7:25 – Varsity Lights Special

  • 7:30 – Wawassee Show Choir

  • 7:50- Fairfield Fusion

  • 8:10- Northridge Northern Lights

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