From the HS Directors – A SwingFry Update for All Choir Parents

note-from-director-2     Hello everyone! We are still in need of volunteers for the Swing Fry on November 5th. Without the parents and friends of the choirs help, we can not run the Swing Fry as well as it needs to be run. If you have already signed up, thank you. If you have not, please sign up for a shift or two, share the link with your parents, neighbors and friends. This is an easy 2 hour shift on a Saturday that is a TON of fun!!! Not only is this a great time to support the choirs, but it is one of our largest fundraisers of the year! If we did not have Swing Fry, everyone’s Choir Fees would have to go up AT LEAST $65.25. So please sign up below today!!!
Swing Fry Volunteer Sign-Up<>
Are you good at baking or good at picking out great baked goods at Martins or Essenhaus! Well we have a perfect time to use your skills at Swing Fry. Below is the sign-up for the Bake Sale. Right now we have enough dessert to feed the visitors but not to sell any for our famous Bake Sale. Please take some time and go on the sign-up to see what you can donate this year. Please scroll down the list as there are a LOT of different options for you.
Swing Fry Bake Sale Sign-Up<>

One thought on “From the HS Directors – A SwingFry Update for All Choir Parents

  1. With the swing fry and the pancake breakfast being back to back weekends this year, volunteering may be at an all time low. Hopefully not but it was just a thought. A lot of parents (us included) have kiddos in both band and choir.

    Cheers! Becky Fogle



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