Just The Guys!

We are posting great pictures from the concert last night on our Facebook page as they come in from our photographers.  Click on the Facebook link found on the right side of this page if you want to see the young men in action!

Thank you moms and dads for the treats, cool locker decorations, taxi driving, shopping, phone call reminders, and help chaperoning!   You are SWELL!!!  We hope you enjoyed the mini preview of what’s to come this year!  3 weeks until SWINGFRY!  Yikes!!!

2 thoughts on “Just The Guys!

    • We haven’t sent the times out yet, they usually are published two weeks in advance. But, if it will help you plan the times should be close to last year’s. 6th call was 2:30, 7th call was 3:10 and 8th call was 3:55.


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