Sometimes you just have to know that it’s time to ask for some help!


Parents we have been waiting for volunteer positions to be filled as we draw near to performances but we are now two weeks away from ISSMA Contest and are still short in the following areas:

Bus Chaperones – You travel along with the kids from NMS to GMS and take attendance on the buses.    We need 5 more for 6th grade choir, 3 more for 7th grade choir, and 2 more for 8th grade choir.

Photographer– Someone to take pictures for the 8th grade ISSMA performance.

Locker Decorations – Make decorations for choir student’s locker to pep them up for contest week.  We have no one for 7th grade period 1.  We have no one for 8th grade period 6 or period 7.

If you are able to cover one of the positions above would you please sign up in the slots available on signup genius?  If you can’t use sign up genius feel free to send me an email or give me a call.


Mrs. Armington  (822-5186)


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