Today was a very exciting day for the Northridge Middle School Choirs!  Each choir was challenged at the beginning of the semester to be EXTRAORDINARY.  We talked quite a bit about what it takes to be extraordinary.  Our kids learned that pushing for that level of success isn’t always easy.  They pushed through hard and tedious practices, discouragement, and the hills and valleys that come when one aims high.



But Mr. Norwood and I are very happy to announce the following results:

Grade 6  Judge 1   GOLD     Judge 2  GOLD    Judge  3 GOLD!!!

Grade 7   Judge 1    GOLD    Judge 2 GOLD     Judge 3 GOLD!!!

Grade  8   Judge 1    GOLD     Judge 2 GOLD    Judge 3 GOLD!!!

All of the scores and comments were excellent, but one grade took their winning to an even higher level.  Our 8th grade class received the “With Distinction” Award from the ISSMA Organization!!!  To receive this achievement a choir must score extremely high.  Only the top Choirs in the state are given this honor.  We are very proud to bring this award back to NORTHRIDGE MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Congratulations to all of our Choirs!  You were EXTRAORDINARY and used teamwork to put you at the top where you belong!!


and her partner in crime, Mr. Norwood


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