Great Meeting




Thank you parents for coming to the Green Carpet Gala Meeting at NHS last night.  We were able to cover a lot of issues that we are facing right now.  Doing it face to face is so much more valuable than trying to communicate through letters, and notes on the internet!  We appreciate all of you very much.

We will be sending home a packet of information in case you missed it!  Hopefully you will see it by Friday.  Topics covered were:

  • Concerts
  • Choir Activities outside of class:  rollerskating, movie/pizza, lock in
  • Volunteer coorespondence
  • Choir Fees
  • The SpringFry Fall Fundraiser for all choir students
  • Show Choir
  • The Choir Handbook, where to find it, and what is in it.
  • Feeding the 400 for Christmas and Final Blast Dinners

Thanks again, and we will be in touch soon!  Mrs. A


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