And “We’re off”….

2010 Martinsville Oct NSCS race start

What a great start we have had!  The first week of NMS Choir is a bit hectic to say the least because of how large our choirs are.  But everyone has hung in there and we have completed a lot of the “book work” items such as:  The yellow choir commitment form, the blue Volunteer form, and the white Technology form.  I bet you are all “formed out”.  So are we!  Luckily many of you helped us by signing up for volunteer positions using the SignUp Genius tab on the Choir Website.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

In class we have listened to each student’s voice (we have over 400….whew!) and placed them in the Soprano, Alto, or Baritone Section.  6th graders are in Part I or Part II.  We will begin tackling our first song on Monday!!  Wahooooooooo!

The kids have all brought their Chrome Books to Choir and we have had them login to “Google Classroom.”  There they will find their assignments, tests, reminders, and announcements.  Cyber space wasn’t the most cooperative but we were successful!  From now on our kids won’t loose their work, it will always be in their Google Classroom.  (Insert “happy dance” here!!)   Almost all of our parents requested access to Google Classroom, unfortunately we will have to input your email addresses by hand.  (sigh)  That may take some time, but we will work on it and hopefully have you all in by next Friday.

This afternoon the Knight Light Show Choir list was posted!  Tons and tons of kids tried out, but Mr. N had to whittle it down to 38.  That is the largest show choir we have had so far.  (He’s a bit jittery but I’m sure he can handle them!)

Here’s a peek at the list in case you are interested!  –>Knight Lights 2018-2019 Cast List

Two items of “business” items to pass on to you!

  • The Green Carpet Gala (All NMS and NHS Choir Parent Meeting) date has been changed (again).  The high school directors have asked for the meeting to take place on Thursday, September 6 at 7:00 p.m. in the NHS Auditorium.  We apologize for the date change.  Hopefully you can still join us.
  • The $25 Choir Fee and Green Slip are due Friday, August 31st.  If you are unable to pay at this time, please send the green slip in with a note letting us know.  No problem we just need to know your situation.


We are still in need of many volunteers for our events.  About 1/3 of 7th grade and 8th grade parents didn’t volunteer for anything.  😦   I know you are busy, trust me I know.  But these are your kids, and we can’t do these things on our own.  So please look over the available slots and pitch in where you can.  We’d really really really appreciate it!! Below is a list of what is left.  Please sign up by using the Signup Genius Tab above.

6th Grade Parents:

  • 2 slots on Dinner Parent Committee
  • 1 Slot for the Just The Guys Concert Photographer

7th Grade Parents:

  • Just The Guys Locker Decorations for Period 2 Boys
  • Just the Guys Concert Chaperone – 1
  • Just The Guys Photographer
  • SwingFry Dress Rehearsal Chaperones – 4  THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT WE MUST HAVE HELP.  PLEEEEEZE
  • Christmas Concert Dress Rehearsal Chaperone – 1
  • Chrismtas Concert 1 Chaperone – 2
  • Christmas Concert 2 Chaperone – 2
  • Dinner Crew – 1
  • Tear Down crew – 2

8th Grade Parents:

  • Swing Fry Dress Rehearsal Chaperones – 2  THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT WE MUST HAVE OUR HELP.  pLEEEEZE.
  • Swing Fry Concert Photographer – 1
  • Swing Fry Concert Chaperone – 2
  • Christmas Locker Decorations for Period 7 – 1
  • Christmas Treats – 1
  • Christmas Concert 1 Chaperones – 3  SUPER SUPER IMPORTANT
  • Christmas Concert 2 Chaperones – 4  SUPER IMPORTANT TOOOOO!!!
  • Dinner Crew – 4
  • Ushers Show 1- 2
  • Ushers Show 2 – 2

We will be posting some pics and videos next week.  So keep an eye out!

Thanks for helping us get the ball rolling.  We are off to a great year!


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