What a week!!

O.k.  this is me…..images

This is our students….Easy-Street1

But all in all it has been a great week for our Choir Beasts!  We already see vocal progress for all six choirs.  Our 6th graders are discovering that they can sing notes they never dreamed of, the 7th graders are a bit freaked out by the changes their voices have made during the summer…especially our guys!  Our 8th graders have surprised us with a fantastic “beginning of the year” sound.  We can’t wait to see what lies ahead for all of them.

In the tech end of things I think I deserve some kind of award for not throwing my computer out the window, or sitting down and crying.  Our internet service in the choir room has been lousy.  But, we are starting to figure out how to second guess the system, and our wonderful MCS tech people have improved our signal.  Hallelujah!!

We had our first ONLINE TEST in NMS Choral history!!! (Trumpet blare here!)  Of course Mama A had to snap a few pics….

Pretty amazing isn’t it!  The kids also were able to have some fun competing against each other in a friendly game of Kahoot as we reviewed for our test.

Final tidbit of great news for this week is our list of “Top Dogs” in each choir.  These students are selected because of their hard work, great attitudes, willingness to help others, focus, and class contribution.

6th Grade:  Preslie Gibson, Lauren Hallberg, Omar Roa

7th Grade Terrin Marshall, Alayna Lamley

8th Grade:  Kayla Freshour, Ethan Dill, Madison Kliewer

Great job kids!!

We are really looking forward to meeting you next week for the Green Carpet Gala Choir Parent Annual Meeting.  Remember it will be Thursday at 7:00 pm in the NHS Auditorium.

Well that’s it for this week.  Enjoy your family, football, and Labor Day weekend everyone!!   Sincerely, Mrs. A

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