Words can’t express how thankful we are for the support our parents showed this weekend.  Over 5000 people attended SwingFry 2018.  The Bake Sale was a huge success and was quite the sight to behold.  One couldn’t walk by it without taking a second look at all of the goodies that were donated this year.  If you sent in some of those yummy treats, we thank you!  The Silent Auction was full of attractions, and the bidding war went on throughout the night.  We are so grateful for the money that was raised because of the generous donations to the auction.  If you bid, or if you donated, we thank you!  Everywhere we looked we saw parents pitching in.  Serving chicken or fish, cleaning tables, selling in the concession stand, ushering, selling tickets, battering the meat, selling take out in the cold, sewing, nursing, chaperoning, the list goes on and on.  And that was just the day of SwingFry!  Our very own NMS Choir parents were working long before the big day with phone reminders, locker decorations, shopping and baking for dress rehearsal treats and water, not to mention our brave Dress Rehearsal Chaperones overseeing all 400+ kids for 4 hours.  Thank you everyone for the extra trips, finding the black and white outfits, and really showing up to support the choir students at Northridge Middle School and Northridge High School.  I would expect very few towns support their music programs like MIDDLEBURY!  Not only did you support us, but you made about 700 kids feel important, special, and proud of their hard work because YOU WERE THERE! Thank you thank you thank you!

Thanks to our fine photographers we have some wonderful pictures to pass on!  We hope you enjoyed your SwingFry as much as we did!  We have many pictures.  More will be posted on Facebook, but here is a glimpse of our amazing time at SF 2018!  Sincerely, Mrs. A and Mr. N

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