Top Choir Beasts for Week 1 and 2 in Choir!

Each week we select kids that stand out among their peers as “Top Choir Beasts” in their Choir Class.  We look for kids that are totally engaged with what is happening in class.  They are on the edge of their seats, singing their hearts out, helping those around them, listening,  and asking or answering questions each day.  Here are the “Top Beasts” for weeks 1 and 2.  What a great start to the year!

6th Grade: Madison Denaway, Malachi Schalow, Ashley Coil, Noah Troyer,               Precious Soipan, Lidea Shell.

7th Grade: Jacob Bache, Allison Enfield, Carmen Cochran, Cohen Faulkner, Emalee Straw, Madison Little.

8th Grade:  Kennedy Troyer, Lauren Berger, Jovi Martin, Trinity Hudnall, Natalie Lane, Josh Miller.

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