High School Choir Auditions!

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This is an announcement for all 8th grade students at NMS. The high school choir directors have sent out information on signing up for choir next year at Northridge High School! Attached below is a survey form for indicating your interest in participating in the NHS Choir Program. If you have an 8th grade friend not currently participating in a choir at NMS and who you think may be interested in being in choir next year, then please reach out and encourage them to fill out this form.

If you are interested in auditioning to be part of the high school show choir groups (Starlights and Northern Lights) there is a digital audition to be selected for these groups. The audition is made up of a vocal audition, dance audition, and Audition Application form. The directors are requesting that recordings of these auditions be submitted by April 2nd to be considered for a spot in the groups. Information and guidelines for these auditions, as well as rehearsal/practice help can be found at (https://northridgechoirs.com/show-choir-auditions/).

If you have questions please feel free to email the directors (Mr. Baker – bakerd@mcsin-k12.org; Mrs. Manglos – mangloss@mcsin-k12.org) or email Mr. Norwood or Mrs. Armington.


High School Choir/Show Choir Survey

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