Karaoke Competition!!

This is an optional assignment for our choir students.  We have a lot of stars and are hoping to see many video entries.  There is a deadline so please pass this on to your child for us.

Here are the rules:

1. Select a song that is OBVIOUSLY school appropriate! With or without accompaniment.
2. Find the best minute and 30 seconds in the song that will show off your voice.
3. Practice like crazy!
4. Make a video of yourself performing the song. Video creativity is a plus!
41/2. There are no other rules so be creative!
5. Attach the video to the assignment in Google Classroom and submit it by April 13.

The top videos will be put out for friends and family to see on the choir website and Facebook. Positive comments by your adoring fans will influence the final decision by two highly qualified mystery judges. No negative comments will be approved for posting.

Results will be announced by  April 17th. First second and third place winners will receive a $25 iTunes gift card!

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