First, we need help reaching incoming 6th graders for the NMS 6th grade choir this year.  Choir will look different this year but we still would love to have as many kids in it as we will be allowed.  If you do know someone would you please put a plug in for us and have their parent call in August to register them?  We usually have 190 signed up for 2 classes.  Right now we only have around 57 total.  Our problem is that we couldn’t recruit like we normally do and kids just don’t know what choir is like at NMS.  We’d appreciate any help you can give us.
Secondly, as soon as we are given a snapshot of what choir can be this year we will let you all know.  I do know that social distancing will be enforced.  So our normal choir numbers may need to be limited.  We will also probably divide classes into two locations, if permitted, to give every student a safe place to work.  I’m looking at face shields as a possibility if we are permitted to sing.  I tried one on the other day and it sounds like you are singing in the shower! It makes everyone sound like they are a Rock Star!  They were used for the summer theater camp for Elkhart Civic and will be used for Show Choir Camp.  So far they are working well.

Now we sit and wait to see what our guidelines will be. Most of you know us , We have plan A B C and D routes we can take so that Choir at NMS will still be the best class there is!
I posted a video of our 6 grade singing a warm up in class.  You can check it out on our Facebook page!  It made me cry!  I miss my lambs and hearing them sing! IMG_0762Stay tuned …. I will post updates here!  Mama Armington

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