Show Choir Summer camp opens!

Mrs. Norwood reported in that her show choir camp got off to a great start.  Students 5-9 met in face masks and rehearsed in 6 feet spaces their music and choreography!  Looks pretty awesomely safe to me!  I bet these kids were so relieved to sing and dance again!  Kids need to express themselves physically and emotionally.  Show choir camp is giving them just what they need!  Thanks Mrs. Norwood, with former NMS Choir Beasts Syd Fogle, Meredith Dorbin,  And Wrigley Koch for providing this opportunity to our NMS kids.  My hope and dream is that we will find a way to do this ourselves soon.  Hopefully we will receive our instructions from Administrators soon.  They have so many aspects to consider to get our kids back to school.  I think we all should be praying for them as they forge this new direction for students and teachers!  Keep checking here!  We will update ASAP! A882FD6A-CF12-4BF1-9C1C-7EA7E807788B

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